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Hanwei Oni Katana


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    The Oni are mythical creatures from Japanese folklore similar to western demons or trolls. In modern culture they are beginning to move away from this menacing connotation into the role of guardian or protector, similar in character to gargoyles. Their power and ferocity, however, have not diminished. There is a Japanese saying which translates to ”Oni with an iron club”, or to be of an invincible nature, a fitting association with the 29” L6/Bainite blade on which the Hanwei Oni Katana is built. The blade features the geometry of Hanwei’s Performance Series for outstanding cutting ability. The 14” tsuka is wrapped in black ray skin and silk ito while the Koshirae feature Oni in various classical styles. A unique combination of folklore and functionality. Includes a black lacquered scabbard and sword bag.

    Overall Length44 3/8''
    Blade Length28 5/8''
    Weight3 lb 1.4oz
    Width36.4 mm
    Thickness6.4 mm - 4.3 mm
    P.O.B.3 1/4''
    Grip Length14 1/4''
    Blade [L6 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginChina

    CAS Iberia (Hanwei) Oni Katana: Supplemental Information

    5 reviews for Hanwei Oni Katana

    1. Daab

      “The” samurai sword… In all the HANWEI blades I have been looking many weeks now, I found finally “The” one I really want…. So… See you online during this year as customer…

    2. Krunan

      Drunken Review (has some foul language) This is a review I made for the oni katana be warned it has some foul language – . This blade was second hand and not bought from KoA but it might be helpful. Basically +100pts for coolness -100pts for durability.

    3. Ordinary Man

      Oni Katana Review (Sept. 2015) Feels great. Looks beautiful. One of the better production Katanas. Has an aspect of “Yugen” to it.

    4. Ordinary Man

      Oni Katana Review part 2 (Sept. 2015) The sword is large and well balanced. It has a “lively” feel to it. It is not top heavy, though it looks like it should be. Iai and double cuts were well executed with this Katana. The balance feels to be a couple inches above the Tsuba.

      The Bainite has a unique finish. A mixture of gloss towards the Mune and matte towards the Ha. It also has 3 slightly different shades of steel going on, all which run lengthwise down the blade in a uniformed configuration. The Sori is not to deep and appears to be Torizori (curve with deepest point at the center between Habaki and Kissaki. The Kissaki is an O’Kissaki (large/long tip) and appears to be well shaped despite one thing…, the Yokote is not very pronounced. The blade is a little bit taller than average, creating a very aggressive looking blade. It balances this with having a little less blade thickness. This can make cuts glide through tatami with ease but may strain the blade a little with harder targets.

      -Koshirae (fittings)-
      The theme is obviously demons. As such, you’ll find them throughout the Koshirae. The Habaki and Seppa are more of a silver color rather than brass with diagonal lines etches in it. The Tsuba is a small round shape that is matte black and is fairly thick. The Fuchi & Kashira are matte black with two silver demon faces on them. The nice thing about the Tsuba is that it doesn’t feel like it will snag on anything. The Tsuka is long but could have benefitted from a waisted shape in my opinion. Perhaps they can implement this on version 2.0. The Ito is nice but could have been allot tighter, not that it was horrible, but they could have done better.

      -Saya (scabbard)-
      The Saya is very striking because of the lobster tail style near the Koiguchi (Scabbard mouth). It is a deep glossy black throughout.

    5. Edward Haun

      Love this katana 5 stars, balance weight helps cuts, beautifully done.

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