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Hanwei Practical Bastard Sword

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The Hanwei Practical Bastard Sword features a blunt 5160 high-carbon steel blade made for reenactment and Western Martial arts. In addition to the blade this version differs from Hanwei’s previous bastard sword by increasing the transverse thickness of the guard, both to provide adequate strength for re-enactment use and to present a safer profile at the ends of the guard. Another innovation is the provision of an all-leather scabbard, in contrast with the rigid scabbards normally provided with Practical swords – this is designed both to provide an extra margin of safety when combatants fall on the scabbard in battle and also to minimize the need for replacement scabbards. The sword is supplied with the grip and scabbard in a neutral-colored leather to allow customization to the owners taste.

Overall Length49 3/4''
Blade Length38 1/4''
Weight3 lb 13.6 oz
Width49.8 mm
Thickness5.3 mm - 2.9 mm
P.O.B.3 5/8''
Grip Length9 3/8''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
TypeBastard Sword
ClassSport Combat
Country of OriginChina

8 reviews for Hanwei Practical Bastard Sword

  1. Carsten J.

    Pretty but shite It’s a very pretty sword, yet it is not very suitable for fighting, taking some very ugly damage. The edge is extremely thin, and the blade it self is not much thicker, making it way to flexible.

  2. Ian

    Hanwei German Bastard Sword This is a bloody good sparring sword from Hanwei. It has a few issues that a prospective buyer needs to be aware of but overall it is the best Hanwei I have fought with and I have used everything in the practical line and the Tinker Pierce Longsword. The big issue is the quality of the leather which was torn up by my gauntlets within 10 minutes of using it in harness. Otherwise a prospective buyer needs to be aware that the term bastard sword is a misnomer for this weapon. It is a longsword make and that is a selling point in my opinion. The blade is more flexible than the average Hanwei, much like a much more expensive Encifer. The blade held up to serious blows, 4 cuts drill, and half wheel drills well. IT is heavy and the point of balance is a little off but nothing serious and for the cash you aren’t going to find a perfectly balanced sword. The “natural leather” colour is more like tanned miss piggy hide so be ready to dye it or treat it with conditioner and mink oil. This is a good sword for the price and holds up to higher end blades well. If you are on the fence this is a sword you wont regret purchasing just be ready to replace the grip leather if you use it in gauntlets.

  3. Ian C.

    Good for your HEMA club This is the cheapest you can find an actual HEMA sword that will stand against Albions, I-beams, and others that is not a feder. The balance is a little too forward making strikes a little slower, but has alot of blade presence that powers though lighter blades. Flexibility is a little on the stiff side, but not too much, just file off the square edges at the end and you can still thrust reasonably safely. Much better than the wet noodle wulflund junk in the same price range.

  4. Michael Rhum

    A good value for money This is an impressive sword for the money. I would recommend it to any beginning Fiorist, but not to a practitioner of German longsword. This is a real, blunt longsword trainer and not a fechtschwert. It is not as stiff as an Albion Liechtenauer, but is much stiffer than most feders. It is also not as hard as an Arms and Armor or Liechtenauer, so if you will be actively training against AA or Albion trainers you should expect to replace this in about a year as the edges become damaged. In my experience, they become damaged beyond most people’s patience with a file, though if you’re handy with a grinder you’ll probably do fine. The sheath is a nice plus, but frankly unimportant for a trainer. For a stage sword, it’s nice to have, I suppose. I’ve died the leathers on mine a nice red and I’ve seen various other colors, which is kind of fun. More serious points: First, this sword is heavier than most trainers and not particularly agile, though it’s perfectly usable. You’ll develop arms like a blacksmith training with this beast! Second, the cross guard seems to start rattling a bit after being seriously used for a while. This cannot be fixed by simply repeining. The grip needs to be completely disassembled and replaced, so fortunately it’s just a minor annoyance, not a safety issue, IMO.

  5. Charles S.

    Very Nice! A simple clean design. Feels great in the hands and is responsive & lively. Seems to be very sturdy in construction. A great training aid for sure. I will certainly purchasing the sharp version soon!

  6. Wolfe

    Not good enough I’ve had this sword less than a year. The blade broke tonight about a foot above the cross guard. It broke from light slow sparing without any real power. Before it broke I loved the sword. It was light fast and took hits until it didn’t.

  7. Baron Cambell

    Light and wobbly, little durability I wanted to like this sword because ive wanted it for some time, however after using it i found it lacking. It’s light and fast and has alot of length on it, however it is wobbly and feels paper thin on the blade, it may be good for shadow play or practice but pit it against any other blade that isn’t a thin wobbly hanwei blade and it will shatter, ive seen them last about six month,and ive seen several break, and i wouldnt recommend this for anything but display

  8. Shawn

    A rock-solid sword. Will hold up against any other training sword. Although it is somewhat flexible, it needs to be in order to be safe. It can take quite a bit of notching on the edges and still be usable – I’ve seen other swords break with far less damage on them. Heavier than an Albion Lichtenaeur, but not terrible. Absolutely do not use this against a feder – it is too slow to compete and there’s a good chance the feder will break.
    Solid sword for the money, and will hold up to pretty intense sparring.

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