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Hanwei Practical Hand and a Half Sword – 5th Generation

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Designed with the re-enactor in mind, the Hanwei Practical Hand and a Half sword features authentic hilt styling, with a fully tempered un-edged and un-pointed carbon steel blade, and is made to withstand rugged use while providing the level of safety required by many of today’s re-enactment societies. The grip is permanently mounted and the tang is riveted for safety. The blade is fullered for balance and features 1/16 inch edges and a rounded tip. Includes a steel-mounted fiberglass scabbard with wood grain finish and hanging rings.

Overall Length43 3/8''
Blade Length34 3/8''
Weight3 lb 1.3 oz
Width43.6 mm
Thickness5.9 mm - 4.2 mm
P.O.B.4 5/8''
Grip Length7''
TypeHand and a Half Sword
ClassSport Combat
Country of OriginChina

13 reviews for Hanwei Practical Hand and a Half Sword – 5th Generation

  1. Braedon M.

    Hanwei practical hand and a half sword. This blade is well-suited for HEMA practice and full-plate sparring. The blade is very stiff and the edge notching over time is little to none. It’s light enough and has a short enough hiltto use for arming sword training if you don’t have a proper arming sword, if you finger the guard, but heavy enough to let your opponent know you hit them when they’re in full plate. The leather is of cheap quality and is starting to peel off, so that is the only reason I give this four stars. The package arrived on time and without flaw. Would recommend as a first steel training sword.

  2. Ian

    A Great Sword for the price I have had this sword for a while now and it holds up well to HEMA practice and armored free sparring, sparks have flown and my sword is no worse for wear, only receiving the most minor of notching. The leather handle is certainly its biggest flaw but it is easily remedied. It is well enough balanced (considering the price point) and it is light enough for one handed use. Other than the leather getting a bit shoddy over time I really wish the pommel was a scent stopper as a 7 inch grip is a bit on the small side when you cant really utilize the pommel to extend it effectively.

  3. Colby N.

    Versatile, nice construction, poor sound. This sword is very nice for use onstage, but not the best. It handles relatively well with one or two hands, so it can be used regardless of what other swords (or shields) are in the production. With the included sheath, it can be carried onstage naturally.
    My main complaint is the fact that, instead of a crisp metallic sound, this sword delivers a duller “thunk” when struck.
    Despite the sound problem, if I could have only one sword, this would be it. it is unassuming enough to be used in a large variety of time periods and fighting styles, and the included sheath makes it easy to carry while acting. In the light to moderate impacts I’ve subjected it to, it has yet to show any real notching. I have not had any problems with the handle leather, as mentioned by the other reviewers.

  4. Steven Wynn

    its ok i collect swords for sparing and abusive testing. This sword is meant for sparing. it is blunt and VERY durable. But it is not balanced or weighted well. The balance ig far too blade heavy and wears you out quickly. the blade is about 30% or more too thick.
    I used to have an older version of this that was perfect. dont know why they changed it. The pommel was larger which gave it a heavenly balance and feel. this pommel does next to nothing to counter the blade weight.

    If you want something you can swing at a target till your arms hurt, this is perfect. If you want an authentic feel, this is not it, go for the Tinker line

  5. Cy

    Great sword I bought this model from a ren fair, so I don’t know much about July of Athena practices, but this is an excellent sword. Very durable, minimal marking, and nothing shifts when hitting. One con however is the handle feels like heavy rubber instead of leather wrapped wood… And the 7 inch grip is a little short for the two handed Landsknechts style I have been practicing

  6. Nicholas

    OK, no cons For this prize this hand and a hlaf sword is pretty good, weight, balance, used steel is quite good. I will recomend it for beginners lookinf for some godd and also cheap sword.

  7. R. L.

    Strong Blade, Sub-Par Hilt I have been using this blade against like weapons and have found a flaw in the weapon. The hilt area is the weak point of this blade. The blade is full-tang and peened well but the wood core, that is wrapped and glued with leather, will come loose and begin to shift in the hand after some successful parries of a strong attack or a heavy block. While holding the weapon by the leather grip, I can perform light movements and actively hear a pinging sound from the wood core smacking the tang. However, the pommel has stayed true and tight with the cross-guard also staying tight and stiff even with a majority of my parries or blocks landing on the guard heavily.
    Of the quality of steel, I have only had one issue of damage that is concerning where I had let a student of mine use it to practice a block and my other student attacked without my instruction and ended up denting/chipping an edge of the blade in the forte.
    I may take the wood core off and replace it with a tighter and stronger material later on.
    Overall, were this blade to break on me today, I would likely buy another one in replacement.

  8. Alex

    Now THIS is a bastard sword I play a lot of dnd for a reenactor, and my absolute favorite sword was the bastard sword, or the hand and a half sword. Well, since I started reenacting I’ve searched far and wide for an inexpensive version of my favorite weapon and I found it here. Hence forth, her name will be, “Bastard sword of flame, plus two.”

  9. Enrique A.

    Well thought out and balanced I purchased this last minute as I called to revise my order. The customer service here was fantastic and pointed me into the direction of this blade. It showed up fast. It feels great in the hand. It is solid, nothing wiggles or rattles. The scabbard looks way better in real life than in the pictures. If you’re into re-enactment or drama/stage combat these blades work great.

  10. brkwegner

    Great sword for the price!

    Invested in this when I got deeper into stage combat, has gotten me through several workshops and is still holding up well!

    Took a HARD hit from an overzealous student, suffered a small ding and a cross guard that jiggled until repaired shortly after.

    Still holding up well a year later!

    Would definitely invest as an affordable full contact practice blade or a frugal lovers regular Stage Combat weapon.

  11. Roger Hooper

    This is your best choice if you are looking for a low price sparring or stage combat sword. Most models at this price are over heavy and badly balanced. The SH2106 isn’t as good as an Albion Maestro, but is the best and most reliable at this cost level.

  12. Roger Hooper

    There are better blunts that cost more money, but if you need something inexpensive with adequate performance and durability, this is your best choice.

  13. Joachim Grann

    i bought mine second hand, tha sword was rusty and many people would have turned it down, but i saw great potential in this blade and i dont turn away from a challenge, now it is my go to weapon for every battle.

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