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Hanwei Raptor Shinogi Zukuri Katana

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The Raptor Shinogi-Zukuri blade, which has evolved as the most common Japanese katana blade design, provides both speed and cutting power. Featuring a distinct yokote, such blades were originally produced after the Heian period, around 987 AD. The wood grip is wrapped in genuine ray skin and black suede. The blackened iron tsuba has a raptor design. Includes a matching scabbard with matte finish and cotton sword bag.

The Hanwei Raptor series, has been designed for the cutting practitioner who does not necessarily have access to mats but who wishes to practice and perfect his cutting technique. The blades are forged in 5160 high-carbon steel and specially heat treated to produce very high resilience and greater tolerance of misdirected cuts than a conventional differentially tempered blade. The edge geometry is configured to facilitate the cutting of both soft and semi-hard materials without chipping, allowing the cutter a wide choice of targets.

Overall Length40 1/4''
Blade Length28 3/4''
Weight2 lb 11 oz
Width33 mm
Thickness7.2 mm - 5 mm
P.O.B.5 1/4''
Grip Length10 1/8''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

5 reviews for Hanwei Raptor Shinogi Zukuri Katana

  1. Eric

    Raptor shinogi Love this sword! Tested it on a dinning room chair cut through the back on two swings,wife hates this sword,Kurt of Athena best customer service in the business

  2. Terry

    Hanwei Raptor Shinogi Zukuri Katana – SH2414 Bought this katana after reading reviews and watching vids on youtube, first one was disappointed in as it had a curve to the blade to one side which I contacted Kult of Athena and they replaced it with one that was perfectly straight no issues with the Raptor at all excellent customer service answered every email quickly. Thanks for all your help this is the best company I have ever delt with Sam is the best. Now waiting for next sword to get in stock the Hanwei Kouga Ninja-To- SH2430 (yes I know it was never historically proven Ninja sword but hey it is really cool).
    Thanks Sam

  3. Angelus S.

    Henwei raptor shonogi zukuri This katana is badass I would definitely buy from kult of Athena again best, customer service

  4. C. S.

    Hanwei Raptor Shinogi Zakuri This Katana is simply badass in every sense of the word. 5160 steel is tough as nails, and with it’s iron fittings and eagle theme it is simple yet awesome. The finish was good, and the blade arrived straight and razor sharp. Kult of Athena is a great place to buy from and I will be doing business with them again when I get myself a Hanwei Bushido Katana for my collection.

  5. Roscoe

    This Raptor is a beast. Weight is 2 lb 13.2 oz without the saya. Fit and finish is excellent. Came very sharp. The samegawa has decent sized nodes. I have cut: 2 inch green bamboo, plam tree branches, 3 inch rolled wet newspaper, full tatami mats packed with scraps, harder plastic water bottles. I fully disassembled it, no issues.

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