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Hanwei Tinker Retention Nut for Sword Tang

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This is the steel retention nut used on the tangs of Hanwei Tinker swords and designed to fit within recessed pommel. This nut can be used as a replacement for a worn piece or paired with one of the Hanwei Tinker replacement blades for those looking to build a customized sword from the ground up.

4 reviews for Hanwei Tinker Retention Nut for Sword Tang

  1. Harrison T.

    It does the job but it’s a poor quality. I realize this is a Hanwei issue and not a Kult of Athena issue, but the problem should be voiced: the metal that this retention nut is made from is a poor quality and strips fairly easily. The one that came with the my Tinker Longsword (not bought through KoA) was completely stripped on arrival and I bought another retention nut from KoA, but I don’t know how it’s going to hold up because they become loose after awhile and need to be continually tighten. I have a feeling this one is going to strip too! That’s my two cents!

  2. Rch.

    Tip for tinker sword The Tinker sword is very handy because you can carefully change the blades due to threaded tangs, you have to be careful not to damage the long tang nut through cross threading.

    I recommend using an anaerobic adhesive to ensure the nut doesn’t work lose. An anaerobic glue gives security but allows you to unscrew due to having a lateral breaking plane.
    Its very handy for any screw that can work itself lose. E g spectacle screws etc.
    I use it on my tinker longsword and it works a treat.

  3. Nut p.

    Wears out quickly I bought hanwei tinker longsword from a retailer some times ago (not KoA). The nut came loose after two days. But I found a cheap solution for that. Wrap some strong and high-quality toilet paper around your tang’s threaded end, put the pommel on and screw the nut. Yes, you read right, toilet paper. You would be amazed that how well it helps. But you must roll the paper tightly before screwing the nut.

  4. Kasey

    My solution to the problem of this nut’s poor quality issue:

    There are major steel working firms in my local area, and I can easily take this nut to them as a sample. When I do, it is a simple matter to ask them “How much would you charge me to exactly duplicate this nut in all its dimensions and its internal thread type, but in the most hardcore indestructible grade of fully hardened stainless steel you have the ability to fabricate from here in this very shop?

    So, yes buy any one of the Hanwei Tinker medieval swords, and then buy this spare nut, and have a steel production company replicate it in an ultra hardcore stainless steel for you to swap out the sword’s original pommel nut with forever.


    Having such an awesome sword and then having that one little Achilles-heel of an issue solidly resolved, is by far worth the expense (which for such a small part may not even be all that much anyway, unless you’re like me in the way that I like to have a large stockpile of spares made, even though they will be made of such a superior steel to begin with). But I would still spend the money for that.

    Problem solved.

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