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Hardened Gel Head Firearm Target / Helmet Stand

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This hardened gel head is made from an anatomically correct skeletal base which is designed to replicate the density and hardness of bone and this is encased within an exterior of hardened gel.

This skull was originally intended to be used as a cutting target for bladed weapons but a manufacturer error caused the gel on this batch to set into a final hardness which is too hard and potentially damaging to swords, axes and arrows alike. However this has incidentally made it into a fine and anatomically correct target for firearms practice. The targets hard gel exterior ensures that it can withstand many shots from lighter caliber rounds. The skull can be filled with liquid to show damage and hits at a distance when used as a target and a hole at the bottom of the base allows for liquid to be poured into the cranial cavity and then sealed with the included plug. Due to this manufacturer error, these heads are being offered at a steep discount only while stock of this batch lasts.

Alternatively, this ghoulish head makes a great and eye-fetching helmet stand which will work for many different types of helmets. Larger helmets may need a padded coif or internal padding added to the helmet to accommodate the head size (coif not included).

PLEASE NOTE: This head IS NOT for use with bladed weapons. It is only suitable for display or as a firearms target. If used for firearms practice it is very important for the user to maintain a proper distance to target for safety. All safety considerations required for firearms use must be considered, utilized and maintained for proper practice. Do not put a helmet on this head if it is to be used for target practice.

Weight11 lbs 11.2 oz
Dimensions14 7/8'' Tall x 21'' Head Circumference at Brow
Country of OriginChina


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