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Heavy War Hammer


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    A heavy war hammer such as this would be capable denting or crushing an opponents armor not only injuring the warrior, but making it more difficult for him to move or breath. Features a solid steel head and steel langets securing it to the hardwood shaft.

    Please note that the shade and color of the wooden haft may vary

    2 reviews for Heavy War Hammer

    1. R. L.

      Beast of a Weapon This hammer is definitely one to do massive amounts of damage to anyone without armor and significantly incapacitating damage to anyone in armor.
      This hammer is well worth the purchase.
      The back spike is sharp and will puncture any armor with a good blow and the head is solid enough to smash concrete to rubble.
      I only have one qualm with the weapon; the grip. The wooden handle is extremely solid and dense enough for fighting but it is in a rectangle shape, as seen in the pictures. For it to be swung comfortably and not dig into your hand, I recommend sanding it down slightly to an oval shape so as to not wear out the hand in use.
      I would highly recommend padded gloves as a minimum or heavy gauntlets (preferably metal or heavy duty plastic) as there is no protection with this piece if a blade or another blunt weapon hits it.
      This will break bone with even a mediocre swing. This is a heavy and very lethal weapon out of the box.
      This is also a weapon that requires a certain modicum of strength in from the fingers to the shoulder. You will get a great workout from training with this.
      Overall, I love my new weapon and can’t wait to test it out on an opponents shield.

    2. Daniel

      This heavy warhammer from Windlass-Marto is a good option for a mass-produced warhammer. Of the available options, it was the one that best suited what I wanted, a heavy warhammer with a head and pick of sufficient size, since other options were smaller.

      Well, the hammer is not perfect since everything that comes from Windlass India is not. Manufacturing has its flaws. In my case, the head is not perfectly polished in all its parts, some scratches in the metal or dark spots, it will be something common, which denotes that the work is not in detail. The same thing happens on the side metal strips, it has stripes on the metal here and there, and the strips themselves are not straight and uniform, and they did not fit well centered on the handle either.

      The screws and rivets will also not all be well centered on each other. The wooden handle is rectangle shape but it is comfortable, and watching chapters of Forged in Fire I have learned that if it were circular, it would run off, that is why the rectangle shape is better and I can attest that it handles well.

      It has not been easy to find a video review of this weapon, but Tim Kennedy did it:

      Like I say, it’s not perfect but it’s look well from a bit far without looking at the details. I ain’t going to use it, although you never know, I do not think I will have problems opening a melon-head.

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