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Huginn and Muninn – Pair of Raven Skull Pendants

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The Ravens of Odin, Hugin and Munin, fly over the lands each day and upon the suns rest return to Odin to tell him of what they had seen and of particular interest to them and Odin are the deeds of warriors in battle and the names of the brave who lived last that day. The names of the two ravens roughly translate as Thought and Memory. With their help, the One-Eyed Odin sees and perceives more than all others.

This pair of Raven skull pendants are crafted from lead-free pewter, one in polished pewter and the other with a darkened, antiqued finish. These pendants have a flattened profile which is more comfortable to wear than other raven skull pendants and are still quite detailed. Though different in hue, these pendants are yet alike and perfect for giving as a gift; one for yourself, and the other for someone close to you. Two matching chains are included for wear.

Dimensions1 5/16'' x 5/8'' each
ManufacturerAlchemy Gothic
Country of OriginEngland

1 review for Huginn and Muninn – Pair of Raven Skull Pendants

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    The pendants themselves are great and good quality. But I don’t like how there is only one neck length option. The ones I got were way to small around my neck I had to go to a separate jeweler to get chains that didn’t suffocate me.

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