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Iron Tiger Forge – Han Jian with Blue and Gold Patterned Folded Steel Blade


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    This Han Dynasty Jian from Iron Tiger Forge has an immaculate, hand-forged blade of tempered and folded steel which after forging was carefully acid-treated to bring out the vibrant patterning of the steel in contrasting colors as each different steel type reacted to the treatment. A fine level of finishing polish refined that blade and highlighted that intricate patterning inherent in the folded layers of steel throughout the blade. The sword is not a decorative piece and is fully functional; it is sturdily mounted into a hilt with an antiqued brass guard and pommel, and its wooden grip is bound in tight black cord.

    The sword is paired with a finely carved and polished hardwood scabbard which is embellished with antiqued brass fittings to match the sword. A tightly affixed cord-bound scabbard slider allows for the sword to be affixed to a sword belt or baldric (not included). Included with the sword is a brocade-bound gift and display box with a wood boxed traditional sword maintenance kit.

    Please Note: The design and pattern of the box brocade may vary

    Overall Length41 1/2"
    Blade Length30 1/4"
    Weight2 lbs 7 oz
    EdgeModerately Sharp
    Width36.3 mm
    Thickness7.5 mm - 4.5 mm
    P.O.B.4 7/8"
    Grip Length9 1/4"
    Blade [Folded 1065 and 1045 High Carbon Steel]
    ManufacturerIron Tiger Forge
    Country of OriginChina

    Han Jian Iron Tiger Forge | Kult of Athena

    1 review for Iron Tiger Forge – Han Jian with Blue and Gold Patterned Folded Steel Blade

    1. d. gottwald (verified owner)

      I bought this as I was looking for jian for my collection, and the coloring on the blade on this model stuck out to me enough to get it.

      The box it comes in is attractive. The box is ultimately cardboard, but it is sturdy and attractive enough with the brocade that I am happy to keep the sword in the box long-term. It comes with a maintenance kit in a little wooden box. Haven’t had a need to use it, so I can’t speak on it, but it’s nice to have.

      The scabbard is absolutely stunning. It justifies the purchase as much as the sword does. I want that wood on my home furniture. Sheesh. It’s so good.

      The colors on the blade are quite nice. It is a patina induced from the acid treatment (not paint!), and it does not take away from the polish. There is rippling visible on the blade when holding it up to the light, which is to be expected from a hand-forged blade. The fullers and ridges are straight, though the fullers terminate on different points on either side of the flat – about a couple of millimeters apart. As such, the bevels at the tip are a little uneven. Not a big deal, and I didn’t even notice until writing this review.

      One thing that needs to be said, though, is that the blade patina is surface-level only. If you sharpen the edge or otherwise remove a layer from the surface (by scratching or sanding/polishing or otherwise), you’re going to lose the color and see bare steel. As such, you are going to want to be careful when you take out the sword from its scabbard and put it back in, so you don’t scratch the blade on the locket as the brass extends to the throat. I was careless early on and ended up scuffing the blade near the tip and some of the color has come off. Silver lining – the folded steel point is real as the pattern-weld persists on the bare steel where this scuff is on mine.

      The blade is not very sharp (as expected, it is only listed as “moderately sharp” and I can comfortably touch the edge without much bite. The grip is also completely round. This sword is not going to be a good cutter. That being said, this is a jian, and jians are principally for the thrust. The point is markedly sharper than the rest of the blade, and the sword feels absolutely fantastic to thrust with. The blade is not floppy as it is fairly thick throughout, so, holding the sword, one really feels the urge to plunge it into something as it can definitely do some serious damage.

      There is a gap where the blade meets the guard, and it’s not even on both sides, but I can’t feel any lopsidedness from that, and it looks like they added a bit of metallic something to fill in said gap. I’m not concerned about it getting rattley as a result.

      One last very minor complaint – the cord wrapping smelled something terrible on arrival. Guessing it’s the black dye, and I just needed to air it out for a day or two to fix it.

      All in all, it’s an absolute beauty of a sword and scabbard you’re getting for the price point (448 USD at the time of review). It’s better as a display piece than for any heavy use, given the difficulty of cutting and risk of losing the coloring on the patina with heavy use, but it is perfectly functional if you must use it. It’s not flawless, but an easy recommend.

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