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Iron Tiger Forge – Yasha Guardians Katana – 1050 Differentially-Hardened Katana

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The Yasha Katana is both an excellent entry point for the new collector of Japanese swords or a great sword for building out your collection at excellent value –  It brings high quality fittings, blade geometry and a real clay tempered blade at a great price. The tsuba features the Japanese Buddhist Yasha nature spirits who dwell in the remote hinterlands and hidden places of Japan. Often armed and armored as great warrior champions, the Yasha are often the guardians of sacred treasures and divine places and while often benevolent in nature, can also be of a fickle and capricious demeanor as well. The other side of the tsuba features the serene Buddha rendered in fine detail.

The differentially tempered blade is forged from 1050 high carbon steel and it has been clay tempered in the traditional manner to possess a genuine hamon to give it a keen and hard edge supported by a shock absorbing blade body and spine. Its habaki and seppa are brass and the tsuba, fuchi and kashira are crafted from antiqued brass. The wooden tsuka grip is fitted with panels of black lacquered genuine rayskin and are overlaid with well-knotted artificial silk ito in a bold red hue. The artificial silk feels much better in the hand and more authentic then the many of the “scratchy feeling” lower grade chemical fiber ito used on many budget katana

The sword is matched with a wooden saya scabbard which is coated in textured black lacquer. This textured black lacquer is much more resistant to scuffs and scratches then the more common high gloss lacquer used on many reproduction Katana. The saya is finished with a knotted black and red flecked sageo cord to complete the sword. A cloth sword bag for storage and transport is included.

Overall Length39 1/2"
Blade Length28 3/4"
Weight2 lbs 5 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width32 mm
Thickness7 mm - 5 mm
P.O.B.5 3/4"
Grip Length9 3/4"
Blade [1050 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerIron Tiger Forge
Country of OriginChina


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