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Iron Tiger Forge Yin Yang Jian


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    In Taoist mythology, one of the 8 Immortals LDongbin, carries a Jian that is The Sword of Wisdom that would disperse spiritual evils. The scholarly LDongbin is credited with the creation of the Eight Immortals Sword a martial art of the Wudang Mountain Taoist Monastaries. The Jian evolved from being a military weapon into a symbol of status and refined culture and was associated with Generals, Emperors, Nobles and Scholars. Today the Jian is a popular sword used by students of Tai Chi and Taijiquan.

    This Jian was made in Longquan in the Zhejian province, a region that was central to sword production in the Song Dynasty. The blade is folded high carbon steel of 1045 and 1065, it contains 3,800 layers. Folded steel was a common blademaking method in China as it minimized impurities and melded hard and flexible steels together for a compromise containing both qualities. The fittings are of a zinc alloy, and feature the Yin Yang of the Tao prominently alongside dragons The Imperial symbol of power. The scabbard and grip are of darkened wood.The sword comes in a ornamented gift box with a sword stand and a wooden-boxed cleaning kit.

    Overall Length40 1/2''
    Blade Length29 3/4''
    Weight2 lb 13.3 oz
    EdgeVery Sharp
    Width39.4 mm
    Thickness8 mm - 3.9 mm
    P.O.B.2 1/2''
    Grip Length5 3/4''
    Blade [1045 & 1065 Folded High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerIron Tiger Forge
    Country of OriginChina

    3 reviews for Iron Tiger Forge Yin Yang Jian

    1. The_Stormlord

      Beautiful Piece of craftsmanship This Jain is very beautiful. The folded steel is very cool to look at and the fittings are really great. The whole construction is really solid. The edge is sharp but I wouldn’t say very sharp as the specs would say. It does cut water bottles very well though. I would also like to say that it is a good idea to remove the tassels when cutting in order to preserve them.

    2. uncle p.

      good budget sword its a great find for the price very happy with all the extras the case,stand and oil very nice addition.

    3. miles

      Iron tiger forge Yin yang jian Having bought IRON TIGER FORGES Luiyedao I was VERY impressed with the quality of their work. This Jian carries forward that same impression. The sword is somewhat robust and heavy for a Jian but the balance is excellent, Quality is outstanding and AFFORDABLE. Frankly, these swords should sell for 100s$ more than listed. Sword came very sharp- I was able to cut paper w ease by drawing the blade thru it. The additions with these swords of brocade boxes, sword oil, cleaning powder and in this case a simple sword stand, reinforce the incredible value of Iron tiger forge. I would give this sword a five but it is a BIT HEAVY even though balance is excellent. I have studied Jian for 20 years, Form-sparring and cutting and base my opinion on that fact plus a variety of other Jians I own. This sword would make an excellent cutter but if you don’t work w real swords you are going to need to build your arm strength ESPECIALLY if used for Forms practice. well done Iron Tiger Forge and Great service from KOA!

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