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Japanese Sword Maintenance Kit


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    This Japanese sword maintenance kit gives you the tools needed to maintain your blade and its settings in the traditional manner. Included within the wooden kit box is a brass mekugi-nuki mini-hammer and awl punch – an essential tool for disassembly or for pounding flat the knotted cords of the grip wrap when wrapping the grip of a sword. The hammer can be unscrewed from the awl handle.

    Also included is a Uchiko cleaning powder ball, Choji sword oil, a pair of bamboo Mekugi handle pegs and wiping cloths.

    Dimensions5 7/8'' x 2 1/2'' x 1 7/8''
    Country of OriginChina

    2 reviews for Japanese Sword Maintenance Kit

    1. helen wrong (verified owner)

      I literally just bought this for the brass hammer.
      The sword oil is neat, the rice paper is…. there.
      Extra pins is nice, and the powder stuff is dumb.

      The brass hammer is a 10/10 :)

    2. hellbuck (verified owner)

      As others before me have said, the hammer is the best part of the whole kit.

      The choji oil is neat, but you can get away with using mineral oil or even baby oil on your steel. It’s not a huge deal.

      The pegs are kinda cool, might be useful if you ever need replacements.

      The rice paper is interesting. You only get 2 sheets, and they won’t last you very long at all. On the other hand, you can just as easily use a microfiber cloth instead of rice paper, so whatever.

      The uchiko powder ball is pretty useless. No telling if it’s even real uchiko, so it’s most likely detrimental to your weapon if you do decide to use it for whatever reason. Best case scenario, you dry the moisture on the sword. Worst case, you scratch up your steel.

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