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Kingston Arms – Atrim Design Type XIIIa War Sword

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The Kingston Type XIIIa War Sword was designed by Angus Trim to be a performance cutting Greatsword and Angus hallmark design characteristics ensure that it has excellent weight, balance and handling characteristics that lend itself well to practical and decisive cutting. The Type XIIIa blade is both long and wide and ideal for sweeping cuts that cleanly slice through thick targets; broad, powerful cutting-oriented Medieval swords of this type were in use in the 12th and early 13th century before evolving into more specialized forms intended to deal with the onset of plate armor.

The blade is crafted from 9260 high carbon steel and the crossguard and pommel are antiqued stainless steel. The wooden grip is bound cord and then overwrapped in black faux leather to complete the sword for use. Included is a wooden scabbard which is wrapped in leather and completed with an antiqued stainless steel chape.

Angus Trim is a renowned swordmaker and it was his work, along with Tinker Pearce, which created the foundation for our modern understanding of performance-oriented swords that pay great attention to the harmonic balance of swords and prioritizing and optimizing the practical handling and cutting ability of swords. When Gus was getting started the sword market was awash in swords which were primarily recreating the appearance of historical examples as their primary focus and handling characteristics was a secondary concern, though for many manufacturers it was not a concern at all. Gun and Tinker turned this on its head and prioritized the practical cutting and handling ability of the swords first and designed around that focus and this created swords which were fantastic to use and become a natural extension of the swordsman. A weapon that works with the swordsman and not against them.

Gus has put his hallmark design characteristics into this Kingston Arms sword in order to create an affordable, but high-performing Type XIIIa sword.


Overall Length43 1/16"
Blade Length32 7/8"
Weight3 lbs 3.6 oz
Width59 mm
Thickness6.5 mm - 3.2 mm
P.O.B.5 3/4"
Grip Length8"
Blade [9260 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerKingston Arms
Country of OriginChina


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