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Klappvisier Bascinet Helmet

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The Klappvisier Bascinet is characterized by the single central hinge of the removable visor and was common in fourteenth century Germany. The visor typically covered the parts of the face not protected by an aventail, attachment points (vervelles) are provided on this helmet. Crafted in 14 ga. steel, this helmet offers full head protection and is lined and ready for use.

Weight6 1/2 - 6 3/4 lbs
Gauge [14 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Klappvisier Bascinet Helmet

  1. Mick J.

    Klappvisier Bascinet Helmet excellent helmet and does what it needs to do.
    i fitted this helm with an aventail and that finished the look off.

    i got the large size due to my massive head (61/62cm) and its fits will with a like padded hood on as well.

    only issue is there is nothing holding the visor down, but i will either put a strap onto it or make a corded tie through the bottom lip and tie it under the mail aventail

  2. Sam

    Clapvisor Bascinet Ok so… This helm is a bit tricky… That price is excellent. It’s tough, looks pretty good and intimidating… However.. There’s many cosmetic issues. First, the liner when suspended does not line up the eyeslits with your line of sight at all. So I drop it down and wear a light arming cap. Another thing.. The chin strap did not work for me. I had to replace it. Also.. The visor hinge is poorly made and the visor itself does not stay closed. I attached a belt strap to do that. After everything I’ve done to it and all the mods I’ve made I’d have to say…. Meh. It’s a nice piece but it was a lot of work to get it up to speed. Get it if it’s the style you want and you’re broke.

  3. Kiefer N

    Poor out of the box, decent “Project Helm” Pros: Strongly built, hard knocks barely dent it. Affordable. Decent finish that resists rust well with a small amount of maintenance.

    Cons: Poor tolerances; the hinge rivets on mine are so crooked it’s comical. Hard to align the suspension with your eyes, and once you do you have a very, very tall crown. Visor has no way to stay closed without modification. Visor attachment is not reliable and not historically relevant.

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