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Landsknecht Emporium – Rotmilan Kriegsmesser


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    The most fierce of late 15th / early 16th century swords, the Germanic Kriegsmesser cleaves and slices with fearsome ability and this reproduction from Landsknecht Emporium of Hungary ably reproduces this iconic sword and its cutting power in the Rotmilan Kriegsmesser. The long blade is crafted from well-tempered 6150 high carbon steel which was honed to a keen cutting edge. The thick spine of the blade gives it good rigidity and durability and the false edge is sharpened from about 10″ from the tip. This thick spine gives the blade a wedge-shaped profile which lends its mass to powering into and separating a target cleanly and quickly and this effect is heightened at the main cutting portion of the blade where the spine thins considerably to flatten the blade to minimize drag and resistance as the blade passes through the target.

    The guard and pommel are durably crafted from trusty steel and the hilt is constructed with two halves of polished oak hardwood which are riveted to a very thick blade tang. In addition to this, the blade tang is peened over the pommel and the blade shoulders are peened to the crossguard to minimize the chance of the guard shifting or loosening. The tough Nagel protrusion goes through the crossguard and is peened on the reverse to ensure it can take a hefty blow without breaking off. Altogether, this sword has a very tough hilt construction.

    Landsknecht Emporium products aim to have the aesthetics of historical pieces, not the finish of mass-produced items. Each product bears the signs of its making; small tool marks and imperfections, which do not affect the build quality or usability but give each of our pieces its unique character.


    Overall Length47"
    Blade Length36 3/4"
    Weight3 lbs 6 oz
    EdgeVery Sharp
    Width39.7 mm
    Thickness7.8 mm - 4.8 mm
    PommelIntegrated and Peened
    P.O.B.6 3/4"
    Grip Length8 1/2"
    Blade [6150 High Carbon Steel]
    CultureGerman, Swiss
    ManufacturerLandsknecht Emporium
    Country of OriginHungary


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