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Deepeeka – Langeid Viking Sword

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Unearthed as recently as 2011, the Langeid sword was recovered from an early 11th century burial ground in the Setesdalen Valley of Norway; it is in a very good state of preservation, particularly so for its ornate hilt which is embellished in silver, copper and inlaid gold. The Langeid sword is one of the most unique Viking swords yet found – very few Viking swords have inscriptions inlaid into their hilt and the Langeid sword is bedecked with ornamentation and inscribed symbolism. The inscriptions are believed by experts to be a mix of Christian mysticism symbols amidst Latin letters which are likely to be abbreviations for prayers or Bible verses. Its owner was clearly someone of means or fame and among their grave possessions was also a large axe, as well as evidence that the grave was covered by some kind of roofed structure held aloft by posts. The Langeid sword is a crucial glimpse into the later years of the Viking era which shows Viking tradition melding with Christianity.

This replica of the Langeid Sword by Deepeeka replicates the intricate hilt of this most unique of Viking Swords. The tempered blade is forged from 1060 high carbon steel and the guard and pommel are brass which is plated in nickel. The grip is wood which is tightly bound in brass wire. Like original Viking Swords the pommel is a two-part construction with the blade tang anchored into the base of the pommel which is then topped with a cap which is then secured with a pair of rivets. The sword is paired with a wooden scabbard which is tightly bound in leather and completed with a well-carved suspension slide of wood which is affixed with tight brass wire to the scabbard.



Overall Length37 3/4"
Blade Length31"
Weight2 lbs 12 oz
Width46.3 mm
Thickness4.8 mm - 3 mm
PommelNut and Riveted
P.O.B.6 1/2"
Grip Length4 1/4"
Blade [1060 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

Kult of Athena Deepeeka Norwegian Viking Sword Review

2 reviews for Deepeeka – Langeid Viking Sword

  1. Roderick Klimek (verified owner)

    I’ve just received this sword and upon drying it from the Scabbard, it was evident that this sword is sub Par. Perhaps at $150, I’d consider keeping it, but this not a $300 sword by any stretch. The good: Beautiful to look at.. If not for the fact that it’s already beginning to rust, and the Knicks and smashes on the hilt and pommel. The plating is also showing the brass underneath. Perhaps it’s supposed to look aged? If so, that should be noted in the description.
    As a sword, the grip is exceptionally thin. The balance and weight are nice, but the blade itself is rubbish. When held outstretched on the flat, the blade bends down under it’s own weight… Dramatically. When practicing a parry, one can feel the sword bend in the hand. I have been collecting swords, historical and reproduction, for almost 30 years. This is my first Deepeeka and my first order from Kult of Athena. The Sword took an inordinate amount of time to process, got delayed in shipping four times, and I had to go pick it up myself. AND It’s not remotely close to expectation at this price point. The scabbard is nice, though…as long as you never want to wear a baldric. So there’s that. Short story. HUGE disappointment.

    • David W

      Hi Roderick –
      Customer service will reach out to you to see what we can do –
      thank you.

  2. Philippe

    just create a video of it…

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