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Lord of Battles – Large Norse Ravens Belt / Concho Studs – Antiqued Brass


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The raven is the harbinger and messenger of Odin; Huginn and Muninn are his eyes and ears they travel all of Midgard, Asgard and beyond and return to his side to tell him of what they have seen and especially the names of the worthy warriors who have fallen in battle. This pair of Raven brass stud conchos are crafted from solid and highly-detailed antiqued brass and are ready to be mounted onto your leather belt, pouch or even mounted onto your leather armor!

These sizeable conchos measure approximately 2″ in length and the diameter of the stud pegs is about 2.7 – 3.0 mm in diameter. You will need some backing washers to peen and secure them to your leather project. SKU numbers SNSA9715 and SNSA9716 are washers from the manufacturer suited for this purpose and these are sold separately.

ManufacturerLord Of Battles


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