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Lord of Battles – Large Viking Shield with Steel Rim and Boss

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This Viking Shield is crafted from darkly-stained wood and the shield face is fitted with riveted steel reinforcement plates and a riveted steel shield boss. The back of the shield is blackened and fitted with stoutly-riveted wooden bar grip.

Stoutly built and thick, this shield is built for use and active defense. Round shields such as this were a versatile shield; held in the center with its bar grip, the shield can pivot in the palm and in a moment can turn from a defensive barrier to an offensive striking weapon that can stun an opponent or put them off balance. A kite shield may offer more lower body protection and thus be optimized for use in horseback or a shield wall – but the round shield can be used in the shield wall as well, and has the advantage of offering more offensive options to a skilled fighter when in a duel.

Whereas a larger, more static shield may be a larger defense, the round shield can actively be used to cut off entire angles of attack to the foe and an expert user can use it to wedge the rim between the arm and body of the foe and prevent him from being able to strike in the first place for a crucial moment.

Weight10 lb 2 oz
Dimensions28 7/8'' x 28 7/8'' x 1/2'' thick
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Lord of Battles – Large Viking Shield with Steel Rim and Boss

  1. Al

    Part shield, part weapon! This well made Viking Shield provides both defensive protection and offensive aggression. The center handle on the back side of the shield is very sturdy and makes the shield very versatile in combat. Looks great on a wall, too.

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