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Lord of Battles – Late 14th Century Gambeson – Red

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This late 14th Century Gambeson is constructed from tough, quilted cotton and padded with cotton felt on the inside. It is fastened with cloth cotton buttons on the front. Being crafted from all-natural materials, this gambeson will naturally ventilate better than other gambesons made from artificial material and padded with poly-fill.

This gambeson is handcrafted – sizes will vary slightly. These measurements should be taken as approximations.


Chest Size: 40 (101.5 cm)
Length from Shoulder to Bottom of Coat: 30 (76 cm)

Chest Size: 43 (109 cm)
Length from Shoulder to Bottom of Coat: 31 (78 cm)

Chest Size: 50 (127 cm)
Length from Shoulder to Bottom of Coat: 33 (84 cm)

Chest Size: 55 (140 cm)
Length from Shoulder to Bottom of Coat: 33 (84 cm)

Chest Size: 58 (147 cm)
Length from Shoulder to Bottom of Coat: 34 (86 cm)

ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Lord of Battles – Late 14th Century Gambeson – Red

  1. Vlad P.

    Sizing was a lie, buttons fall off I got this in medium, believing the store page’s claim that medium fits a 43″ chest size. Wrong. I have a <40" chest and could barely fit in it out of the box. I'm also skinny, yet the arms were so tight I could barely move while wearing them. I had to stuff all my clothes in it and leave it for days to stretch it out til it was minimally wearable.

    Pros: It looks cool and authentic, and probably would be comfortable if you order a size up. It'll keep you warm at night at SCA events.

    Cons: Buttons are terrible. Every time I spar in it - even though it's light sparring with Rawlings synthetics - buttons fall out. I sew them back in, but then other buttons will fall out, sometimes while I'm just wearing it and walking around. Also, the button holes haven't been sewn - they're just cut holes, so they fray. I didn't notice until some of them frayed to the point that they were too big for the buttons to stay in. So expect to spend hours of your time sewing the borders of the button holes, because the manufacturer didn't feel like doing it themselves, and also re-sewing the buttons repeatedly as they'll keep falling off. Also, this is very thin for a gambeson, as it was meant to be padding under plate armor, and does very little to absorb impact on its own, so don't expect to rely on it for HEMA sparring.

  2. R*t*rd (verified owner)

    Gambeson is pretty good quality, price is fair. Many reviews on this and the other colors reccomend ordering a size up, I cannot reccomend against this enough. I’m normally a medium, and got a large believing the reviews and was made a fool of. Don’t listen to the reviews that tell you to order a size up, the large gambeson is entirely too big for me as a medium. Though the gambeson I received I unfortunately cannot use, I can attest to the quality of the gambeson. The sleeve tailoring is high quality, the grande assiette sleeves are not just for show and you can put your arms almost all the way up before the rest of the garment is affected, the elbow tailoring does just fine I am not restricted. I am quite sad I have gotten an ill fitting garment, but that’s my own fault for believing the reviews.

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