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Late Medieval Flanged Mace

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This mace, based on an example in the British Museum, features all steel construction with six pointed flanges capable of laying waste to flesh, bone and armor alike.

Please Note: While all-steel maces are sturdy they are not indestructible. They were designed for striking targets softer and less dense than the mace – namely warriors wearing steel armor which was considerably thinner than the mace flanges. Bashing a steel mace onto concrete roads, dense trees and wood beams, cinder blocks, I-beams and other hard or dense targets may result in bending the steel mace, damaging its flanges or causing other damage.

4 reviews for Late Medieval Flanged Mace

  1. Roahn scifinutter

    Solid construction Arrives in a very heavy grease that will take very pure isopropyl or acetone to remove, but it does the job protecting against rust.

    As for the mace itself it has a nice heft and takes abuse well. Not sure what kind of steel the manufacturer used but the flanges are well tempered. The reinforcing plates between the flanges definitely help contribute to structural integrity.

  2. Lord S.

    GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER and as such,it belongs on your coffee table. If things don’t go well,it makes a great conversation ender as well.

  3. Joshua (verified owner)

    Good display item, but definitely not battle ready. The flanges are not welded on and come loose fairly easy. I’d give a better review if it was marketed more as what it is, a wall hanger.

  4. BossNassOfficial (verified owner)

    A good, solid mace, especially for its price. It’s got a good heft to it and is nice and sturdy. Somehow managed to accidentally hit myself with it (I’m an idiot), and it hurt pretty good. Does the job it’s intended to do. I highly recommend this as a mace for those on a bit of a budget.

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