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Late Medieval Mace

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An improvement on the simple club, maces have been used since antiquity as weapons. As armor improved the mace began to evolve into distinctive forms to counter plate armor. This mace is representative of this, sporting an array of flanges to concentrate the force of the hit onto a smaller surface to crush armor plate like an empty can. The weighty head and flanges on a mace such as this ensure that no amount of armor would protect a foe from being brutally battered within his own armor. This mace has the designated grip and hand-protecting rondel typical of later medieval maces that were often wielded from horseback.

This mace from the the Czech Republic is made from high carbon steel. The pommel and handle rondel are welded into place and the grip is wrapped first with tight black leather and has a loose latticework of brown leather strips overlaid. The grip is 5 5/8” long.

Please Note: The grip can change and vary from the example shown. Some have spiralled leather as shown, others are completely wrapped in leather cord.

Please Note: While all-steel maces are sturdy they are not indestructible. They were designed for striking targets softer and less dense than the mace – namely warriors wearing steel armor which was considerably thinner than the mace flanges. Bashing a steel mace onto concrete roads, dense trees and wood beams, cinder blocks, I-beams and other hard or dense targets may result in bending the steel mace, damaging its flanges or causing other damage.

Overall Length21 1/2''
Weight4 lb 14 oz
DimensionsFlange Length: 3 7/8''
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginCzech Republic


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