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LK Chen – Bat Wing Han Sha Spear

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The LK Chen “Bat Wing” Han Dynasty Sha Spear is an excellent and faithful recreation of this Han polearm which was one among the five mainstay weapons in the arsenal of the Han military. A sturdy, quick and relatively agile polearm, the Sha’s long, sword-like blade can cut and slice at distance as well as puncture. The “Bat Wings” on this one are recreated from surviving fittings of an original and their shape allows for the polearm to entrap an opponents weapon. The Sha was a polearm for a professional warrior and in the Han Dynasty they would have been associated with elite guards.

The blade of this example is crafted from 1060 and T9 high carbon steels which are skillfully folded together into a composite blade; vibrant patterning from this melding of steels is visible throughout the keenly sharp blade. A diamond cross section to the spear blade gives it excellent rigidity and it thins out toward the end to keep drag to minimum when slicing through a target in a cut. The guard is cast from brass and the long haft is of black lacquered ash wood. Faux leather cord is wrapped around the upper section of the pole and its robust cap is cast in matching brass. The ashwood haft has an oval cross section to aid in edge alignment for superior cutting.

Included is a wooden scabbard with brass fittings that is skillfully crafted to fit the blade.

Overall Length91"
Blade Length22 5/8"
Weight5 lbs
EdgeVery Sharp
Width38.4 mm
Thickness8.9 mm - 3.9 mm
Blade [Folded 1065 and T9 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerLk Chen
Country of OriginChina


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