The Magnificent Chu Jian has a design which is closely replicated from originals excavated in Chu Kingdom tombs dating to 315-221 BC. The Chu Kingdom was famed for the quality of their swords and their metallurgical advances in crafting steel blades and their sword design sits at the transition from bronze to steel weaponcraft.

The skillfully forged blade was crafted by folding 1065 and T8 high carbon steel with a spring-tempered blade with a final hardness of 55-58 HRc. Its double-groove design removes unneeded weight and the raised centerline gives it essential stiffness to balance its flexibility.

The guard and pommel are finely cast from brass and their design denotes a sword that would have belonged to a warrior of noble or even royal status. Inscribed in the guard in ancient bird-worm seal script are the characters for ‘’Gentleman Warrior’’. The grip is wood which is bound in tight cord. The sword is paired with a lacquered wood scabbard with brass fittings and is embellished with a classic Chu Phoenix design.

Please note: Color of fittings may vary due to different brass alloys utilized. Scabbard may also have some minor cosmetic blemishes such as scuffs and indentations.