The Royal Arsenal Han Dao by LK Chen is a near-exacting 1:1 reproduction of a classic Han military Dao; the original it is closely based on was recovered from the Chang Royal Arsenal and care was taken to ensure that this replica closely recreates the dimensions, weight and balance of the original. In the hand this sword is remarkably swift and fantastically easy to wield and its blade retains enough length and width to ensure it can cut and even thrust with great ability.

These Han military swords would have been a common weapon and sidearm for the soldiery and although the general styling is austere and simplified as befits a utilitarian mass military sword it is actually a surprisingly complex and well-considered blade design. A long fuller groove runs the length of the blade which effectively reduces weight while sacrificing little in durability. Like the original, the blade has a slight inward curve along its cutting edge. This combination of fine and subtly complex design with practical settings and fittings creates a sword with an elegantly streamlined design which loses no ground to well-optimized usability.

The grip of wood overlaid in black cord is surmounted by a brass bolster and a blackened steel pommel ring. The companion scabbard is carved wood with brass fittings. 

Please note: Scabbard may some minor cosmetic blemishes such as scuffs and indentations.