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LK Chen – Silver Swallow Miao Dao

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The Silver Swallow Miao Dao is an powerful, long-bladed sword that not only delivers excellent cutting power, but is also impressively agile, swift, and well balanced for its size. The slender and gently curving blade strikes is well suited for sweeping cuts and capable puncturing thrusts. The blade has a thickened, pipe-back spine which quickly narrows to a long and thin blade profile with a subtle hollow grind; a form that gives it a strong, durable spine and a thinned cutting plane for slicing into and through the target with ease. LK Chen’s Miao Dao takes its elegant form both from the double-handed long military sabers of the Ming Dynasty and melds it with elements of the Qing army long saber and the Miao Dao of 20th century Chinese martial arts. This makes it a fine sword for recreating the drills of Ming Dynasty long saber fighting manuals or the martial arts routines of the 20th century Miao Dao.

The tempered and sharpened blade is crafted from 65 Mn high carbon steel with a final hardness of 54-55 HRc. The hilt is both simple and elegant with a guard and pommel cap of steel and a grip of smoothly polished Jichimu wood. The sword is paired with a matching wooden scabbard with steel fittings and two hanging rings.


Overall Length56 7/8"
Blade Length40"
Weight3 lbs 1 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width35.2 mm
Thickness88.7 mm - 3.2 mm
PommelIntegrated and Pinned
P.O.B.3 1/4"
Grip Length14" (wood part only)
Blade [65 Mn High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerLk Chen
Country of OriginChina

Review and testing of the Miao Dao by LK Chen Swords

LK Chen Silver Swallow Miao Dao Review

LK Chen MiaoDao苗刀

2 reviews for LK Chen – Silver Swallow Miao Dao

  1. Jonathan Hartz

    This Miao Dao from LK Chen is absolutely top notch. It is big, light, fast, and looks absolutely beautiful. It feels great in the hand, and allows for absolutely devastating cuts, and moves better than any sword this large has a right to. We at Unsheathed Sword Reviews really can’t recommend this one enough.

  2. Wesley S. (verified owner)

    It is a beautiful piece of work. In all ways this is basically perfect… except a pretty mind-blowing oversight – the scabbard’s clip rings were glued on with some cheap adhesive. Within seconds of unpackaging the sword, the clip ring brackets broke free from the cheap glue and slid up and down the scabbard. Two mangy dried adhesive patches marked where the rings were supposed to be.

    I’m unsure how to fix it – I want to try gorilla glue, but there’s some care involved as the rings must be slid into place. Adhesives are NOT something I want to be smearing around. It’s just not the kind of fix I was hoping to put in on something this nice.

    Other notes: the wood pegs in the grip aren’t perfectly sanded down. Also, the finish on the wood is quite thin. Nothing too major. These are the kinds of things I’ve come to expect from pretty much all manufacturers. I don’t think it detracts from the wonderful work elsewhere like the scabbard clip rings do.

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