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LK Chen – Snow Peak Jian

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The LK Chen “Snow Peak” Jian represents the final and fully matured development of the elegant Jian sword during the Chinese Republican Period (1919 – 1949). The Jian had faded from military use and its development at this time was continued by discerning martial artists who laid the foundation for the Chinese martial arts systems we are familiar with today. The Jian at this time melded the Jian of the Ming and Qing Dynasties with some blade geometry ideas from European swords such as a thick-ridged ricasso-like base of the blade and a central, weight-reducing fuller. All these design elements are united into a harmonious whole in the Snow Peak Jian to create a responsive and relatively long-bladed Jian which is easy to balance, point and thrust whilst also able to cut with decisive authority. It is not merely a beautiful sword, but one which matches its aesthetics with performance and ability.

The blade of the Snow Peak is crafted from GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel which is a resilient and flexing spring steel. The sword has been expertly tempered to ensure that it is fairly stiff and rigid to ensure its full penetrative and cutting potential is not lost to excess flex. The final tempered hardness of the sword is 54-55 HRc and the blade edges are keenly honed and sharp. The guard and pommel are cast stainless steel and the grip is bound in genuine rayskin and finished with a wrist lanyard.

The sword is matched with a companion scabbard of wood which is tightly wrapped in beige vegan leather and completed with elegantly styled fittings of stainless steel.


Overall Length40 1/2"
Blade Length31 1/2"
Weight2 lbs 4 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width33 mm
Thickness6.2 mm - 2.7 mm
P.O.B.3 1/2"
Grip Length5 3/16" (Rayskin Wrap)
Blade [GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel]
ManufacturerLk Chen
Country of OriginChina

KOA LK Chen Snow Peak Jian

Cutting tatami with the Snow Peak Jian from LK Chen Swords

LK Chen Snow Peak, a Chinese Republic Era Grand Sword 民国剑:雪峰

1 review for LK Chen – Snow Peak Jian

  1. Aceman893 (verified owner)

    I just received this. I have been waiting (meaning in my life – shipping was fast!) for just the right Jian to come along, and I have to say I am NOT disappointed! The bag was an excellent touch I did not expect. The scabbard is smooth and well sewn- even if not real leather. That said – the fittings were excellent. The Ray Skin grip may not be for everyone, but if you are worried about losing your grip from sweat…it is excellent. Some pistols have grips considered “too aggressive” by some shooters too. This does not bother me. It could become and issue if you are doing a lot of Wushu spins, or multiple hours of practice, but functionally it is excellent. Wrap it with cable if you find it uncomfortable, like a Katana. The blade was well oiled and again in excellent shape. It had just enough flex for a functional sword. I have not cut with it yet, but have ten it through some form paces. Nice weight, great grip, good balance, and just enough flex. All in all – extremely satisfied!!!!

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