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LK Chen – Yuan Mongolian Saber

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Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368 was a time when China was a part of the bigger Mongolian Empire spanning from the eastern coast of China all the way to part of Europe today.  This is a time of international travel via land and sea, the time when the Italian traveler Marco Polio visited China and years later wrote about his adventures.  This a time when people from Eurasia and Arabic countries come to live, work and settle in China and their influence can be seen in this sword design dating to the time of the Yuan.  The Mongolian saber has the characteristics of Eurasian Steppes curved saber and was a milestone in Chinese weaponry where curved swords with characteristically saber like blades were introduced to the Chinese. The sword was ideal for quick strikes from mounted cavalrymen and well capable of inflicting deep cuts and slashes from horseback.

The blade of LK Chens informed and scholarly reproduction of this iconic sword is crafted from sharp and well tempered GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel. The long blade collar is crafted from iron, as are the guard and pommel. The grip is well-polished wood and the sword is sturdily mounted into the hilt with a peen on the pommel and some rivets. The sword is paired with a wood-core scabbard which is bound in faux black leather and completed with blackend brass fittings.

Overall Length38 1/4"
Blade Length31 1/4"
Weight1 lb 13 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width30 mm
Thickness5.5 mm - 2.6 mm
PommelPeened and Riveted
Grip Length5"
Blade [GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel]
ManufacturerLk Chen
Country of OriginChina


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