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Lord of Battles – Medieval Padded Arming Chausses – Natural

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These medieval padded leggings are ideal protection for light infantry or even the front line foot soldier who wants to get a bit of protection without overburdening themselves with plate or mail. It could also be worn under plate leg armour or chainmail chausses for an extra layer of protection.

We are not talking about synthetic or ultra-slim padded leggings available in the market. We are talking about two layers of robust canvas sandwiching a layer of real padding, which makes a difference when you’re looking for authentic arming leggings! It has leather reinforced loops on top to easily tighten them to belt or padded belt or lendenier (arming girdle). Its total length from the front is approx. 83 cm and from the back is approx. 67 cm. We have decided to provide a set of back lacing clothing systems that ensures a snug fit for almost all who want to wear it. By adjusting or modifying the way the cord is laced a tighter or looser fit can be achieved.

  • Sizing and Dimensions:
  • When laid flat: 33″ in Length x 23″ Wide (at widest point)
  • Circumference at Thigh: 19″ – 24″ (adjustable)
  • Circumference at Ankle: 11″ to 16″ (adjustable)
DimensionsWhen laid flat: 33" in Length x 23" Wide (at widest point)
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


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