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Markland Merchants – Danelaw Seax


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Designed by Markland Merchants to be a historically accurate seax for the serious Viking reenactor, the Danelaw Seax has a blade of tempered EN45 high carbon steel which is tempered to a 56-58 HRc hardness. The grip is Poplar wood which has been intentionally left unfinished so that the reenactor can oil, stain, carve or modify the grip as desired. The Poplar wood is ideal for detailed carving which makes this dagger an ideal project dagger for you to customize to your own liking. The blade tang is durably secured into the hilt and the length of the tang within the grip is slightly longer than half the length of the wood grip.

This robust bladed seax is the so-called broken-back style seax. These seaxes have a sharp angled transition between the back section of the blade and the point. This shape makes the spine appear to be broken like a beast with a broken back which is where this evocative blade style gets its name. Knives or Seaxes such as these were common in Viking age Britain and Ireland, although some examples have been found in archaeological digs in Germany and have been dated around 8th-11th century. Knives like these were used every day just as the smaller knives were, however, they were substantial enough to have proven useful if your main weapon was lost during combat or during an unexpected mead hall brawl as well.

Overall Length12 5/8"
Blade Length7 1/16"
Weight7.5 oz
Width27.5 mm - 37.8 mm
Thickness4 mm - 3.6 mm
P.O.B.1 1/2"
Grip Length5 9/16"
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerMarkland Merchants
Country of OriginIndia

The Danelaw Seax


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