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Lord of Battles – Medieval Spiked Flail

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More than any other weapon the flail embodies the more brutal aspects of medieval warfare; a finely crafted longsword may be the Queen of the battlefield with its graceful form, but the wholly utilitarian flail is the devilish marriage of pragmatic simplicity to ruthless efficiency. It may be a savage and rustic sort of weapon, but the near-excessive power of its blows against even the most heavily armored of foes certainly gives it a healthy respect among more elegant weapons and a place in the armory of the skilled Medieval warrior.

This robustly constructed Medieval flail has a spiked steel ball which is securely mounted to its chain. Each chain link has been individually welded closed for improved durability and the ball and chain has been stoutly anchored onto its haft. The haft is crafted from polished hardwood and its end has been contoured into a grip for an improved handhold.

This battle-ready strikes with incredibly powerful concussive force and its pyramidal spikes only serve to further direct force onto a target when contact is made.

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Overall Length38 5/8''
Weight3 lbs 6 oz
DimensionsLength of Chain: 12''
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


Lord of Battles Mangual


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