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Lord of Battles – Meteor Hammer

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The Meteor Hammer is one of the most enigmatic weapons of ancient Chinese martial arts; it is difficult to master, but in skilled hands it becomes a difficult and unpredictable weapon to defend against which can strike with quick and intense concussive force.


This meteor hammer is forged from high carbon steel and has two weighted balls which are linked with a lengthy steel chain.


The Shaolin Monks are famed masters of this weapon and they will praise those who become proficient in its use because it takes great dedication and perseverance to skillfully use it adeptly against an opponent without injuring oneself. In their masterful hands they can spin the weapon to build great momentum before striking at unpredictable angles and can even use their own body or an opponents body to wrap the weapon and then with a tug or twist cause it to quickly shift its momentum into a new direction. The weapon also had the ability to be easily concealed and a seemingly humble traveler or monk could quickly become an overwhelmingly formidable foe to bandits or raiders who happened upon a skilled practitioner of the Meteor Hammer.


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