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Moro Kris Sword 4


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This sinuously curved Kris was crafted in the Phillipines; the sharpened blade is of 5160/D2 high carbon steel. It was tempered to a hardness of 58-60 HRC. The blade has a band of brass integrated into the blade itself near the base.

    The grip is of carved wood. Between the grip and the blade is a ferrule of brass. The scabbard is carved from wood and is fitted with decorative bands of rattan.

    A truly distinctive sword of Southeast Asia, the wavy blade of the Kris is said to symbolize a winding, venomous snake, the tail of the striking stingray or the tail of a dragon. Or it could be said to symbolize a piercing pillar of fire – it seems to be that the interpretation of the spirit of the sword is left to the smith and warrior.

    The Kris has always been a sword held in great esteem in its lands and said to possess a soul and powers of its own. Some blades are said to hunger for the blood of foes and some are so powerful that they will steal the life energy of those who are struck down by it. One look at the uniquely menacing Kris sword and it is easy to match the blade with the reputation.

    Please Note: Due to being crafted in a tropical environment with native woods, it is common for these weapons to develop thin, minor cracks in the wood and the scabbard as the woods adjust to our more temperate environment. Cracks in items sent to you will not be harmful to the structural integrity of the item. Also – The decorative rattan wrapping can be brittle and may crack or break.

    It is recommended that a light coating of protective oil is used to protect the wood from dryness and cracking.

    Overall Length30 1/4''
    Blade Length23 7/8''
    Weight2 lb 1.9 oz
    Width130.3 mm - 41 mm
    Thickness8.1 mm - 4 mm
    PommelIntegrated & Pinned
    P.O.B.5 3/8''
    Grip Length4 1/2''
    Blade [5160/D2 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerTraditional Filipino Weapons
    Country of OriginPhilippines

    1 review for Moro Kris Sword 4

    1. William k.

      well made product i took this out to see how it was as soon as i got it, and it was great! it came very sharp and is very sturdy. it cut through some some sort small branches in 1 swing without me working too hard at it. great sword, i absolutely recommend it

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