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Musha Hand Honed Katana with Red Saya

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The Musha Hand Honed Katana features a sharpened carbon steel blade with etched hamon. The blade has been through tempered to provide a good sword for light cutting at an affordable price. The tsuba is made of blackened steel in the familiar Musashi dual ring style. The grip is wood wrapped in imitation ray skin and black cord. The handle is double pegged to the blade tang allowing the sword to be disassembled. The included saya is made of wood with a red lacquered finish. Includes a black sword bag.

Overall Length39 1/8''
Blade Length28 1/8''
Weight2 lb
EdgeVery Sharp
Width31.5 mm
Thickness7.3 mm - 4.6 mm
P.O.B.5 13/16''
Grip Length9 3/4''
Blade [1045 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

Musha Musashi $50 Practical Samurai Sword Review and Destruction

5 reviews for Musha Hand Honed Katana with Red Saya

  1. Dale

    High-quality cheap sword After testing this thing for a while, I have concluded that this is a good sword.

    Generally, swords that cost less than $100 are of…dubious quality at best. This one is a rare exception. The sword itself is solidly assembled, and comes well sharpened. It’s also held up to the testing I’ve put it through quite well.

    The area where this thing fails is the saya. It’s crap.
    At first glance, it seems to be of pretty good quality. However, once you unsheathe the sword, and feel the saya by itself, you’ll realize that the thing is apparently made of balsawood. It’s so light and flimsy that I’m genuinely scared to touch it for fear of breaking it. I’m pretty sure I could shatter it by glaring at it too hard. It looks nice, but the quality is peanuts. Also, it’s a much darker red than in the images provided.

    The saya is the area they save money on, and for the price, you really have nothing to complain about. The sword itself is high quality, and the price is one of the lowest I’ve seen for a functional katana.
    Dave Strider would be proud.

  2. Josh

    Very well made I just received it 2 days ago and I was surprised to see how well it was made cuts through water battles and pool noodles perfectly i think it will hold up to many years to come I will post back in a month after further use

  3. Josh

    Im back Ok so before I point out all the things take into consideration that this sword is cheap. Ok so ice been using this sword at least every other day I’ve choped through roughly 600 water bottles,2 liter bottles, milk jugs since I’ve gotten it. I’ve had to sharpen it twice. It cuts through pool noodles. The fake ray skin has shifted slightly the wrap has moved a little no big deal the tang has a slight shift in the tsuka can be fixed with a epoxy if necessary the fitting are a little lose but that’s hardly a problem for me. I enjoy this sword very much! It does all the light cutting I throw at it! The blade seems like it will last very nicely to many years of abuse! I might post again I might not.

  4. mt

    Seems worth the price Ordered on Monday, shipped on Tuesday, and arrived on Friday despite being delayed one day by USPS.

    The sword feels like it handles and cuts well so far, but it did come with a few issues.

    – The blade and grip look nice, and nothing overly flashy
    – The edge came sharp enough to test cut with, but I definitely wouldn’t consider it “very sharp”
    – It seems to be one of the best options if you want a really cheap but functional katana
    – The saya is darker than shown in the pictures, but I think it goes better than the brighter red.

    – I haven’t held many swords like this but the grip isn’t as comfortable as other leather grip swords I’ve held. It just feels a bit more abrasive after a while.
    – The tang slightly shifts inside of the handle while shaking/swinging the sword. The movement is very small, but was noticeable before using the sword at all. I imagine it will get worse over time.
    – The black metal piece on the opening of the saya fell off immediately upon removing the sword for the first time, but looks like it can easily be glued or left off.

    I think this sword is worth it if you don’t have high expectations for it.

  5. omarxtyson (verified owner)

    It is amazing really, it’s really a steal, swords like this one usually cost around $150-$200 etc…this is very much worth youre bucks, also the sheath people say it’s “flimsy” and meh, it’s not the best but, it’ll do the job and looks great. Love it.

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