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Native American Gunstock Club with Dagger-Spike

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This Native American Gunstock Club is crafted from hardwood and adorned with carved detailing and brass-studded embellishment. A steel dagger is secured into the club with a brass rivet; an added detail that substantially heightens the deadliness of such a club by turning it into a war-pick.

So named for its resemblance to a rifle stock, the Native American gunstock clubs were brutal and effective clubs that were popular among the eastern woodland tribes and the northern plains peoples. it is unknown whether the gunstock club was inspired by the European use of muskets as clubs, or was a coincidental, independent development.

Quick on the swing and jaw-crunching on the strike, the gunstock could be made even more potent with the addition of brass tacks or a small dagger-like blade on its main striking area. Some were light enough to double as a throwing weapon, whilst others were built heavily and intended to woefully pound the foe in close quarters.

Overall Length26''
Weight1 lb 1.4 oz
CultureNative American
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Native American Gunstock Club with Dagger-Spike

  1. Douglas Sweeney (verified owner)

    I just received the Native American Gunstock Club and it is quite beautiful and deadly. I was thinking that it would be a little larger than it actually is, but it is still quite a dangerous weapon.
    Thank you Kult of Athena for great customer service again.

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    I received it and thought it would be larger but I must say it is a nice piece. It could certainly do some damage but I’d rather hang it on my wall than carry it on a war party. ?

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