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Never Unarmed – Maasai Spear

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The Never Unarmed Maasai Spear blends the design of the traditional East African Maasai spear with tough modern materials and utilitarian design to create a tough and practical fighting spear. It takes its dimensions and handling properties from Maasai spears which are in the personal collection of Never Unarmed President Lynn C. Thompson to ensure that it is a powerful and swift weapon akin to the originals. The warriors of the Maasai use these unique spears for war and hunting and it is a prized personal possession that rarely leaves their side – in their skilled hands this spear is quite formidable; the dual-edged spearhead is as long as a short sword in length and equally well suited to cutting and slashing as it is for thrusting. The reverse of the spear has a counter-balancing long butt spike which not only gives the spear an capable balance, but also serves as a grievous puncturing weapon that the Maasai warrior can use to dispatch wounded foes or to pierce light armor and shields. Such is the confidence of the Maasai in this traditional weapon that young Maasai Moran are required to kill a lion single handedly with their spear to prove their worth and mark their ascension to manhood.

This Maasai Spear has a socketed spearhead and spike of tough and resilient S50C carbon steel which are matched with a haft of robust American Ash hardwood. The spear ships unassembled, but is simply constructed with its pre-drilled sockets and included screws for mounting.. Detailed assembly instructions are printed on the packaging. Also included is a hard impact-plastic Secure-Ex sheath for the spearhead.



Overall Length72 1/2" (Assembled)
Blade Length20 1/2"
Weight3 lbs 2 oz
Blade [S50C Steel]
ClassBattle Ready

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