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Padded Coif

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This thin arming cap / coif is made of a light tan cotton fabric with double tie front. This hood can be worn with many different types of helmets. Hand wash, hang dry. Helmet not included.

ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Padded Coif

  1. Mark M.

    Great piece of under-padding…. I got this a few years ago from another company(sorry,KoA), and like it very much. The padding extends outward over the shoulders, and is great for wear under chain or plate armor. Also keeps the neck from getting chafed if wearing a gorget. It can also be dyed any color you wish. Very comfortable.

  2. McM

    An addendum to my other review… If you choose to dye this another color, the thread will not take the dye. It stays lighter colored, and is apparently made from material other than cotton. Still looks great though! Don’t wear mail without it! ;)….Mark M.

  3. Erik B.

    Beyond Happy As my title states, my pleasure with this padded coif is immeasurable. Great price, comfortable, and goes great with any armor or helms you wish to wear with it. I haven’t tested it’s functionality yet to see if it can actually withstand some cuts and blows, but from a costume perspective, you cannot beat this product at this price!!

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