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KOA Exclusive – Persian Shamshir / Scimitar


KOA Exclusive!
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KOA Exclusive!

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    Back by popular demand! Kult of Athena has a limited stock available of this classic Windlass sword which we commissioned Windlass to produce for us in a special production run.

    The Persian Shamshir is a recreation of this iconic sword of the Middle East – this saber is not only light and nimble, but the curved blade is optimized for decisively deep cutting and quick slashes and in skilled hands the sword is a surprisingly capable piercing weapon which can strike its target at unpredictable angles. The hilt has a comfortable grip of well-polished wood with an enlarged pommel which neatly couches against the back of the hand for a sure grip. The crossguard is made from metal with an antiqued silvered finish and the blade tang is dual-riveted into the grip for a solid overall construction.

    Included with the sword is a scabbard of durable black leather with matching antiqued silvered metal fittings and hanging rings for wear.

    Overall Length35 1/2"
    Blade Length30 1/2"
    Weight1 lb 7.8 oz
    Width28.4 mm - 29 mm
    Thickness3.4 mm - 2.7 mm
    PommelIntegrated and Pinned
    P.O.B.8 1/4"
    Grip Length3 1/2"
    Blade [1065 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
    Country of OriginIndia

    Kult of Athena Windlass Persian Scimitar

    2 reviews for KOA Exclusive – Persian Shamshir / Scimitar

    1. maciakl (verified owner)

      I have mixed feelings a bout this item. I had high hopes for it, because I own a medieval sword from Windlass which was absolutely top notch in both design and execution and around the same price point. Unfortunately the saber is a bit underwhelming. Not terrible, but not great.


      – The blade is very light (lighter than my other shamshir)
      – The grip is comfortable and fits well in hand
      – The blade is balanced about 5-6″ from the grip, making it choppy but not too front heavy which seems right for a saber
      – It’s a great looking sword, save for the crossguard (see below)


      – The ornamentation on the crossguard appears to be hastily spot welded on. You can literally see burn marks on the metal, that were not properly cleaned up. I own another shamshir (from universal swords) that has an almost identical crossguard design, and the ornamentation there looks like an internal part of the design, rather than a last minute welding job. Windlass dropped the ball here. I would rather not have the ornament at all than have it looking like this. It it ruins the blade’s potential as a display item. This is my biggest and most significant gripe with the blade.

      – There is something wrong with the crossguard fitting. When you wobble the saber side to side, there appears to be a little bit of play and you can hear the blade hiting against rainguard/chape on the right side (but not on the left). I’ve seen other vendors securing the chape by putting padding on the inside, likely to prevent this exact issue. The pommel is secure and this does not seem to have much effect on cutting action so far. This could be a unique fitting defect specific to my blade.

      – The scabbard for the blade is almost comically oversized. You can kinda see it in the pictures, but in real life it is just plain huge – way to wide than it should be with such a slim blade. The saber rattles in it when you carry it. Thankfully, the crossguard design of this blade, they had to make a fitted receptacle for the chape/rainguard bolts so the blade is secure and does not slide out which is the only saving grace here.

      I think Windlass should just skip the welding step in their production pipeline and sell the sword with a plain un-ornamented crossguard. Clearly they are not very good at this type of thing, and the decorative aspect of the ornamentation is completely ruined by the weld marks.

      Properly sized scabbard would be nice too.

    2. Brad

      Thank you for the thorough and candid review maciakl. I like the general shape of the blade and the fullering job looks decent, but you talked me out of buying this one. I’m not a fan of spot-welding as it pertains to the construction of real swords. It doesn’t indicate in the product specifications that they do any spot-welding and that’s a huge departure from traditional methods, so this one ought to be priced substantially lower. Seems like Windlass is working on a reputation of cheaply fashioned blades.

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