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Lord of Battles – Polish Winged Hussar Cuirass with Back Rondel Plate – 16 Gauge Steel

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The preeminent cavalry force of their day, the Polish Winged Hussars were an elite force and their highly functional and protective armor was lavishly embellished to ensure that they also dominated the battlefield as masters of martial fashion to match their incomparable mastery of arms. This replica Winged Hussar Cuirass is crafted from robust 16 gauge steel and sumptuously ornamented in riveted brass trim and emblazoned with brass medallions.

The armor is excellently articulated thanks to fine-functioning swivel-rivets which articulate the individual plate lames which comprise the armor to allow for a substantial amount of movement, including bending over or even sitting down. Armored protection for the back is provided by a large rondel which is buckled onto the cuirass. Two additional straps at the base of the cuirass allow for additional leg armor to be fastened onto the cuirass to suspend them into position (leg armor not included).

Due to the nature of how the backplate is fitted the armor allows for a large degree of adjustment to size when fitting.

Gauge [16 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel - Brass
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


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