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Rabeschadel – Raven Skull Wrist Strap


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    This Raven Skull wrist band has a ravens skull cast from lead-free pewter affixed to a band of black leather. It is adjusted to fit with internal velcro strips

    Rabeschadel – German for ravens skull – As battered swords are sheathed and broken spears collected, the ravens gather in the trees above the desolation; to many ancient cultures the ravens were no mere scavengers, but they were both watchers and messengers, sometimes in the service of Gods, mystics and other great powers.

    The Morrigan of Celtic lore would come to battlefields in the form of the Raven, by which she would pass through the ruination and note the names of those who had been slain. When Vikings saw Ravens at battlefields they knew that Odin would know who had fallen, and who had committed valorous deeds, for Odins two Ravens Hugin and Munin flew through the worlds observing all the great happenings before ending their day on Odins shoulder to whisper the days tidings into his ears.

    The Raven is not only a symbol of death, but in this context it is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, magic and omnipresence – its skull is a great totem indeed.

    DimensionsRaven Skull is 2 1/2'' Long x 1 1/4'' Wide - Band is 8 3/8'' x 1 5/8''
    MaterialPewter - Leather
    ManufacturerAlchemy Gothic
    Country of OriginEngland


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