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Ravenine Pendant

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The Raven has long been associated with death for their appearances among the dead on battlefields. In Celtic lore The battle goddess Morrigan was said to be able to shift her form into that of a Raven, by which she would survey battlefields and note those who had been slain.

The Raven is also associated with Odin, who could send his Raven pair Hugin and Munin to all the corners of the nine worlds. They would return to his shoulders at the end of the day to whisper the news that had happened. For the Vikings, the appearance of Ravens was the sign of the agents of Odin, gathering the names of the slain for their report for his ears. In this way the Raven has also come to be associated with the wisdom of Odin.

Because of its association with death the Raven has come to be seen either as a grim portent, or as a creature of intersection between this world and the next. It is no mistake that novelist George R.R. Martin chose to use Ravens as the bearer of news across Westeros.

This Raven pendant is crafted from lead and nickel free pewter. Made in England by Alchemy Gothic, it includes a chain.


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