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Red Dragon – HEMA Red Dragon Sparring Gloves


HEMA - All Levels
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HEMA - All Levels

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    Created with the HEMA martial arts community in mind, these sparring gloves give good protection for the hands and wrists for martial arts weapons practitioners. The gloves are crafted with high-impact shock absorbing foam (10 mm thick in places) encased within a shell of molded hard plastic plates that are 4mm thick.

    For HEMA, this product has been classified as either appropriate for all skill levels or appropriate for those with Advanced Skills. Michael Turner, instructor at Tuathair Academy of Swordsmanship, assisted us in categorizing these items for the different skill levels of HEMA participants. These categorizations are meant as guidelines. Please refer to tournament rules for specific competition requirements. For this purpose, we do not include swords that may be used in cutting competitions in the HEMA category.

    The fingers have a gauntlet-like construction of overlapping and interlocked plates, giving great protection while still allowing for good finger dexterity. – this gives good protection and shock absorption from the blunted weapons typically used in martial arts sparring. These gloves are covered in a robust microfiber material and have mesh material around the fingers for ventilation. The gloves are fitted to the wrist with a velcro strap and lacing to ensure a snug and protective fit.

    These gloves are sized in a manner akin to lacrosse gloves. Use the guidelines below to see what glove will best fit. A good first rule is that if you wear a size small in gloves already, then the 12 sized glove is best for you. Any larger and the 13 glove size should be used.

    SIZING 12” Glove
    For Ages 9-13 or Weight 106 lbs – 150 lbs
    Weight: 8.6 oz

    13” Glove
    For Ages 14+ or Weight 150+ lbs
    Weight: 9.7 oz

    2 reviews for Red Dragon – HEMA Red Dragon Sparring Gloves

    1. Nathan

      Red Dragon gloves are great I am an adult with small hands so I ordered the small. at first, they felt a bit stiff but quickly loosened up. They fit wonderfully and protect the hand completely. I train with my friends using Rawlings synthetic swords and these provide perfect protection for those. I am very pleased!

    2. Mct

      Good gloves Good gloves, with good dexterity but less protection than other mitten style hema gloves available out there. Excellent for sparring with synthetic weapons, ok for light sparring/drilling with steel weapons. Bad point: the cuffs are way too big are difficult to wear with additional forearm protection.

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