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Red Dragon – HEMA Sparring Jacket

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Designed by Red Dragon for heavy HEMA sparring and training, this padded protective jacket is constructed from 350N rated heavy duty cotton. The jacket is well-padded to absorb the impact of hits in sparring and its off-set zipper allows for a front panel to overlap the jacket to create an additional, doubled layer of frontal impact protection.

A built-in gorget gives protection for the upper torso and the velcro-fitted neck is thick and has a firm plastic protective plate integrated at the front of the neck to protect the throat. It is designed to overlap with the bib of a fencing mask to thwart thrusts from getting underneath and past the bib. This built-in gorget can also be worn under the bib of a mask if desired. The velcro straps of this neck gorget allow it to be attached at either the back of the shoulders or the back of the collar.

The interior of the jacket is lined for comfort and the back has a nylon strap that can be adjusted to trim the fit of the waist to the body for a more streamlined and comfortable fit.

Sizing Info: (Please note that all measurements are approximations)

Small – Sleeve Length: 21 (53cm)

Chest: 42 (106cm)

Waist: 38 (60cm)

Length: 23 (60cm)

Weight: 4.6 lbs (2086g)

Medium – Sleeve Length: 22(61cm)

Chest: 44 (112cm)

Waist: 40 (102cm)

Length: 24 (62cm)

Weight: 5.6 lbs (2530g)

Large – Sleeve Length: 23(58cm)

Chest: 48 (122cm)

Waist: 42 (110cm)

Length: 24 (61cm)

Weight: 5.7 lbs (2596g)

X-Large – Sleeve Length: 23 (58.5cm)

Chest: 50(126cm)

Waist: 44 (112cm)

Length: 26 (66cm)

Weight: 6.3 lbs (2860g)


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