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Red Dragon – Swordsman Gloves


HEMA - Practice Only
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HEMA - Practice Only

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    Red Dragon Armourys Swordsman Gloves are designed to sufficiently protect the hand from abrasion and blistering during sessions of HEMA drill and training. Crafted from leather and lined with fabric on the interior they are both durable and comfortable. Unlike other gloves on offer from Red Dragon Armoury, these gloves have not been padded and thus are not suitable for sparring. The exclusion of the padding is to maximize finger and hand mobility.

    For HEMA, this product has been classified as either appropriate for all skill levels or appropriate for those with Advanced Skills. Michael Turner, instructor at Tuathair Academy of Swordsmanship, assisted us in categorizing these items for the different skill levels of HEMA participants. These categorizations are meant as guidelines. Please refer to tournament rules for specific competition requirements. For this purpose, we do not include swords that may be used in cutting competitions in the HEMA category.

    Overall length of these gloves measures the distance from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger

    Small: 6 3/4” (16-17cm)

    Medium: 7 1/2” (18-19cm)

    Large: 8 1/4” (20-21cm)

    X Large: 9” (22-23cm)

    2 reviews for Red Dragon – Swordsman Gloves

    1. Wireboy77 (verified owner)

      Nice pair of gloves. I use these instead of the gloves that came with my gauntlets because they fit better. Not much to say. They are good gloves.

    2. Caretaker_8 (verified owner)

      I like the gloves, they take a little getting used to, and will stain your hands black for the first few uses, but the overall glove is nice and good for the price.

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