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Kingston Arms Renaissance Side Sword

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This Renaissance Side Sword has a sharpened blade forged from 5160 high carbon steel. The complex hilt is fashioned from stainless steel with an antiqued appearance. The grip of wood and the blade ricasso are tightly overlaid in supple leather. Included is a fiberglass-core scabbard which is wrapped in quality leather and finished with antiqued stainless steel fittings.

Unlike the rapier, the Side-Sword retains enough meat in the blade width to make it a much more respectable cutter; an acutely tapered tip ensures that it can also thrust with deadly efficiency. Whilst the Rapier was typically a civilian weapon or a weapon of practical self-defense, the Side-Sword, with its greater ability to parry heavier blades could function as a battlefield sword. This example by Kingston Arms is based on a German original and it is quite an agile performer! It is quick on the slash and strike and its balance makes it easy to control the tip in a thrust. The complex guard ably serves to protect the hand and allows the forefinger to safely finger the guard for even greater blade control.

Overall Length41 3/8''
Blade Length34 13/16''
Weight2 lb 8.5 oz
EdgeModerately Sharp
Width35.2 mm
Thickness5.2 mm - 2.3 mm
P.O.B.3 15/16''
Grip Length3 5/8''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerKingston Arms
Country of OriginChina

8 reviews for Kingston Arms Renaissance Side Sword

  1. Rick Miller

    Very good and very functional. I ordered this sword as soon as it became available at retailers. (It was too expensive through CAS Iberia)
    The sword is a really well made an designed side sword that is responsive, well balanced and easy to control. Not a lot of effort was put into aesthetics, but these were soldiers swords that were adopted for civilian use so the finish is what one should expect. The sword itself is solid as a rock and the edge needed only a quick touch up to cut well.
    As far as cutting goes, the only other single hander that I’ve cut with is an Albion Type XIV, so a fair comparison is impossible. I will say that it cut better than I expected and that with some practice I’m sure would be a very capable cutter. The “problems” encountered with cutting were mostly due to my lack of experience with this style sword.
    This sword is in the same price range as the Windlass “Munich”, but there is where all comparison ends. This Kingston Arms sword weighs nearly a full pound less and is much more well built and responsive.
    It’s good to have a decent cut and thrust side sword available at last without going bankrupt!

  2. McM

    Simple, yet refined… I own the original Hanwei version (sharp) of this sword, and I can tell you now—this is the best example of a side sword I’ve seen in this price range. I’ve had multiple people want to buy it when I wear it to Ren fest, but the answer is always the same. ;) I’m sooo glad Kingston came out with this (again). Now maybe people will leave me alone! :D

  3. suneidos

    For the price point, I think this is probably the best side sword on the market. It handles very well. I love the finger rings, it makes edge alignment easy. I touched up the edge and it cuts boxes and water bottles effortlessly. Everything has remained tight and in excellent condition for about 2 years now. I know that the review sample on Schola Gladiatoria Youtube Channel had the guard come loose, but I have had no problems like that. It could look better with a self applied cord wrap texture on the grip (wet the leather, and wind very tight with a cord until it dries, then remove the cord, leaving the texturing behind) But with the finger ring the grip is just fine. Definitely worth it, recommended and would buy it again.

  4. IDont3venCare (verified owner)

    Bought this sword and it looks good and feels good in the hand although there is a bend in the sword about half an inch below where the fuller ends not major but noticeable and the tip is also bent about a quarter of an inch from the end in the other direction but neither of those are major and just noticeable also catches a bit in the sheath not sure if it is because of the bends or not but overall looks nice and feels nice

  5. benjamin.h.wiseman (verified owner)

    Overall 4 stars (for the price!)

    Pros: looks pretty, well made, good for thrusts.

    Cons: dull blade, the “garlic” pommel and small grip make it hard to maneuver if you have big hands, high point of balance makes cuts difficult.

    Biggest improvement needed: move the guard up to create more room in the grip, replace the pommel with something swept back to make it more maneuverable and lower the point of balance.

  6. Robert

    I own the original Hanwei version of this sword, which I purchased for my wedding at the local Ren Faire 11 years ago. It’s a handsome sword that’s garnered a lot of attention, and it has kept well with a pretty lazy maintenance schedule with no surface rust or issues. I’ve yet to see a better example of a side sword for sale.

  7. Joel (verified owner)

    A light quick bottle stabing sword. stabs more accurate than My spadroon due to the space for my index finger on the ricasso so I can hold it renaissance style. For the price a real good pokey thing.

  8. david.aleshire87 (verified owner)

    Kingston arms is a name of a particular line of swords distributed by Cas Iberia and made by Hanwei so this is the exact same sword they used to sell but a bit lower priced and re released. This sword is pretty good for the price point.

    The pros: feels great in the hand, lightweight, good for one handed slashing and stabbing, well balanced for the price and much lighter than other swords I’ve seen.

    The cons: the leather piece covering the ricasso looks a bit cheap and unevenly cut and obviously glued to the blade, mine had a distinct stain mark on the leather handle and my least favorite is the nice big “MADE IN CHINA” laser etched into the blade. Now I don’t have a problem with swords made in China, a lot of hanwei swords are actually good, but it really hurts the historical look I am going for when reenacting. Can’t be seen from an audience to stage however it can be seen easily when examined at a fair or other location.
    Sharpening: the pre sharpened blade is not evenly sharpened and mine was pretty dull. I prefer my blades sharp enough to slice paper but this blade did not come well sharped.

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