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Ronin Katana Dojo-Pro Ko-Katana Model 2


Cutting Series
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Cutting Series

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    This Ronin Ko-Katana has a sharp, 1060 high carbon steel blade that has been through-hardened. The blade was crafted after the dotanuki style, which emphasized function over aesthetic form. It is characterized by katana blades that are both wide and thick-spined for maximum cutting damage and durability. Its name is a testament to this ability, as dotanuki means sword that cuts through torsos.

    The Dotanuki style swords were favored by daimyo Kato Kiyomasa when he invaded Korea – his personal retinue were equipped with such swords and he brought along smiths who specialized in the Dotanuki geometry to keep his army well-outfitted. These sword blades, when compared to more aesthetic katana styles were at the height of their popularity in periods of war, and this popularity predictably faded as Japan left its conflicted feudal past for the more peaceful Edo period.

    The fittings of this katana; the tsuba, fuchi and kashira are of black iron. The seppa and habaki are of brass. The wooden grip is wrapped with rayskin and overlaid with tightly twisted silk tsuka-ito cord. Two brass menuki are woven into the grip. The wooden saya scabbard is coated with red lacquer. Its Kojiri, Koiguchi and Kurigata are of polished buffalo horn. A sageo cord of silk is knotted to the saya. Comes with a black cloth sword bag.

    This type of sword is considered a dedicated cutting katana by Ronin Katana and well suited for cutting against traditional targets.

    Overall Length35 3/8''
    Blade Length23 7/8''
    Weight2 lb 5.4 oz
    Width32 mm
    Thickness7.6 mm - 6 mm
    P.O.B.3 1/2''
    Grip Length10 1/4''
    Blade [1060 High Carbon Steel]
    TypeKo Katana
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerRonin Katana
    Country of OriginChina

    1 review for Ronin Katana Dojo-Pro Ko-Katana Model 2

    1. Onandaga (verified owner)

      No glaring issues I encountered with it, which I think warrants a 5 star review for a sword of this price. No rattling in the saya, marks, damage or anything like that. The edge is roughly as sharp as another $1000+ katana I own and it’s light and agile like you’d expect a Ko-Katana to be. I was able to make clean cuts on some knotweed growing in backyard just using very gentle flicks. If you are curious about how Ko-Katanas handle and want a swords that is fun and easy to swing around, then give this sword a go by all means.

      Now as a tangent, I almost didn’t get the sword because FedEx dropped it off to a turf factory next to me instead like complete idiots. Luckily a manager working there walked over to my house and asked if it was mine. So FedEx gets a big fat 1 star review from me, but obviously that’s a FedEx problem and not one with the sword itself.

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