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Ronin Katana Dojo-Pro Model 12

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This Ronin Katana has a sharp, 1060 high carbon steel blade that has been through-hardened. The blade was crafted after the dotanuki style, which emphasized function over aesthetic form. It is characterized by katana blades that are both wide and thick-spined for maximum cutting damage and durability. Its name is a testament to this ability, as dotanuki means sword that cuts through torsos.

The Dotanuki style swords were favored by daimyo Kato Kiyomasa when he invaded Korea – his personal retinue were equipped with such swords and he brought along smiths who specialized in the Dotanuki geometry to keep his army well-outfitted. These sword blades, when compared to more aesthetic katana styles were at the height of their popularity in periods of war, and this popularity predictably faded as Japan left its conflicted feudal past for the more peaceful Edo period.

The fittings of this katana; the tsuba, fuchi and kashira are of black iron. The seppa and habaki are of brass. The wooden grip is wrapped with rayskin and overlaid with tightly twisted silk tsuka-ito cord. Two brass menuki are woven into the grip. The wooden saya scabbard is coated with black lacquer. Its Kojiri, Koiguchi and Kurigata are of polished buffalo horn. A sageo cord of silk is knotted to the saya. Comes with a black cloth sword bag.

This type of sword is considered a dedicated cutting katana by Ronin Katana and well suited for cutting against traditional targets.

This sword has a stylistically matched Wakizashi available (RKDW3) and it can be paired with the shorter sword to create a complete daisho set.

Overall Length39 1/4''
Blade Length27 1/4''
Weight2 lb 6.7 oz
Width32 mm
Thickness7.8 mm - 6.1 mm
P.O.B.4 5/8''
Grip Length10 1/4''
Blade [1060 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerRonin Katana
Country of OriginChina

2 reviews for Ronin Katana Dojo-Pro Model 12

  1. James Whitworth

    Great for My FIrst Katana Now this may be my first Katana but it is by no means my first sword. I personally have swords from Hanwei, Cold Steel, Darksword, Windlass, and more. All of which are European style blades. But as an avid collector I try to have diversity in my collection.

    Now as for the sword itself; it’s well constructed, solid as a rock, and very sharp. The blade flexes well without taking a set and can bend rather far. Now with that said the blade is stiff, as it should be, and hard to flex. The blade also handles well. It has just enough distal taper to make it wieldable with one had but not so much that it has no power to the strikes. I also like that the Tsuka is held on with two pins rather than one.

    Aesthetically I like the more simple Musashi style Katanas. They may not be the most ornate but they are functionally simplistic. I also love the look of a Katana with a Bo-Hi (plus it’s lighter).

    The only issues I had are with the Saya’s Sageo rap (which frayed apart on one end) and the Tsuba (which has some sharp edges on the interior closest to the Tsuka). Also, the Menuki are placed so when you grip it as a right handed person you have them under your finger tips rather than your palms (which I prefer). I just find that a more comfortable location for them. But that’s more of a personal preference.

  2. AidenMartin (verified owner)

    I’ve had this katana for a little over a year now, it has been a really solid sword, comes with a very sharp edge. The original edge it came with held up very well for the fact that I was cutting down relatively thick tree branches with it. It is very light, and preforms very well. I had some issues with the end of the handle, and with the wrapping. It was very minimal, with it only being that fact that the wrapping had came untucked, and some ornamental items popped out of place. Other than that the sword preforms very well. I have no complaints about the scabbard either. All in all, this is a very good sword that will hold up for a long time, if you’re willing to get a bit pricey.

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