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Ronin Katana – European Sword #8 – Viking Sword

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This Viking Sword from Ronin Katana has a blade of tempered 1075 high carbon steel with a sharpened edge. The long fuller on the blade reduces weight whilst sacrificing little durability and the blade is securely mounted into the hilt with a peen over the pommel. The crossguard and pommel are steel and the wooden grip is wrapped in stitched black leather.

Included with the sword is a scabbard of wood which is bound in black leather and completed with stainless steel fittings and a pair of integrated hanging buckles which can be used to strap the scabbard onto the included and adjustable sword belt of faux leather.

Overall Length36''
Blade Length29 7/8''
Weight2 lbs 11.9 oz
Width50.1 mm
Thickness7 mm - 5.2 mm
P.O.B.6 3/8''
Grip Length4 5/16''
Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerRonin Katana
Country of OriginChina

4 reviews for Ronin Katana – European Sword #8 – Viking Sword

  1. Edgar P.

    Nice blade but guard and pommel are not steel but aluminum It is a very nice blade but i don’t know why the chinese like to make the fittings out of aluminum. It is a bit tricky too because the magnate will stay on guard lightly but the further away you move it from the blade the less magnetism it has. I would suggest for the money buy something more historically accurate.

  2. Dave

    Stout, if plain, well manufactured. This is the sword you’ve been looking for. Well built, quality material, scabbard has wack belt loops but otherwise pretty nice. For the price you can’t beat it, and it’s way above the likes of cold steel for example, (comparing to quality of a gross messer for steel and taper, which the messer has none, granted different swords altogether but just to get an idea)

  3. Eston

    Great Buy, beware of uncomfortable pommel While somewhat accurate the pommel digs into your hand quite roughly, that being said it’s a nice sturdy sword with not bad balance, there are minor things here and there but over an amazing buy for its cost. It does not come that sharp at all I advise being ready to sharpen yourself

  4. Lord Wardlow (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this sword, an all around, well built sword. If you’re on the fence about one check out Matt Jensen’s torture test video with this sword, you’ll thank me later.

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