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Ronin Katana – Longsword – Euro Model #2


Battle Ready
(10 customer reviews)
Battle Ready

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    This Medieval Longsword by Ronin Katana has a sharpened and tempered 1075 high carbon steel blade. The guard and pommel are stainless steel and the wooden grip is bound in cord and tightly overlaid with leather. The blade tang is fitted though the hilt and peened over the pommel for a secure hilt construction.

    The sword comes with a wooden scabbard which is sheathed in leather and fitted with a protective metal chape. An all-leather sword belt is knotted onto the scabbard.

    A deft and agile longsword, this example has a blade well-suited for both cutting and thrusting; the fuller transitions into a diamond-cross section to stiffen the tip for thrusting and the blade retains enough width and mass in its main-striking portions to allow it to cut and slice with power and efficiency.

    Overall Length46''
    Blade Length36 3/16''
    Weight2 lb 13.4 oz
    Width47.6 mm
    Thickness6.5 mm - 2.9 mm
    P.O.B.6 1/4''
    Grip Length7 1/2''
    Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerRonin Katana
    Country of OriginChina

    10 reviews for Ronin Katana – Longsword – Euro Model #2

    1. Ryan

      Well worth it. This thing is just awsome,it does have some semblance to actual historical designs but i dont believe its modeled after a specific find, at just under 3 lbs its light and agile even in one hand but the balance leaves it with quite an imposing feel, the blade honestly looks a bit wider in person than the pictures may suggest, the edge and blade geometry lend themselves excellently as a cutter as well, the hilt is quite sturdy and the finish is nice, nothing spectacular but in all for this price range it went beyond what i was expecting, i havnt done destrucfive testing but ive seen ronins cheaper medieval swords put through their paces and since theyve started using the peened hilt construction i have no worries about how the blade holds up, the only issue ive found is that the pommel has steep edges that dig into the hand if your not careful, this can be remedied by either grinding down those edges where they contact the hand or perhaps wrapping black cloth or other substance around the bottom of the handle so it tapers over the part of the pommel closest to the handle, but otherwise it comes workably sharp (5 minutes on a stone and its shaving sharp) with no secondary bevel, if you are considering this purchase id say its a step up from hanwei or windlass and in a similar price range

    2. Corey F.

      Honest Review Based on Price to quality i gave it 5 stars because 4 1/2 is not an option I would give it 4 1/2 due to 2 issues of which only 1 is native to the sword design itself.
      To begin with I own 6 other longswords so i will try to be as fair and honest as i can.
      The blade.
      It has a distal taper and is very shinny and well polished. The one i got had some blemishes where you can see the polish wasn’t done as properly as it could be but i do not believe it is common among Ronin Katana as i have the Euro #7 and there is no problem as well as i never herd of this polishing problem before from Ronin Katana so i believe it is isolated to mine or a few swords.

      The Quillion/cross-guard is fine. It has a recess cut into it where the blade fits in and is an odd construction type for modern swords but not for historical swords as it was common to be done this way in the past. Also because of this the guard is perfectly aligned not slanted to one to one side as far too many are now a days.

      The grip is a bit thick but not unreasonably thick for me. The ridges are nice and are made of string not wire so it doesn’t dig into your hands when you swing without a glove like many spaced wire wrap grips do. The one problem i had and you can see it on one of the pictures is that the leather is sewn together with no glue causing the small leather flaps of the seam between the stitching to move back and forth a bit. This was EASILY fixed with some super glue with a fine applicator and no more problem.

      The pummel was nice and the peen was well ground and then polished. Mine was ever so slightly off center but again it may just be mine as i own other Ronin Katana longsword and it doesn’t have a problem.

      The balance of the sword to me is a bit more to the point than i like however when used in 2 hands like it is supposed to i have no problem, again not unreasonable due to the distal taper of the blade. Balance can be a personal preference some like it closer to the hilt some farther however it is not some point heavy monster.

      Overall i feel this sword is great for the price. I’ve seen more expensive ones that have far more issues and can easily recommend this sword. For the price it is well worth it.

    3. Joel

      Nice sword It is a very nice sword fast and fluid in the hand the only ting is that where it widens out it is rounded but it still feels good overall it cuts well very happy with it

    4. Matthew A.

      Nice sword Received this sword, and it is beautiful I’m very pleased with it my only complaint is the cross guard moves just a little bit when jiggled but other than that this sword is a beautiful piece well worth it

    5. Nate

      Good sword This is my first decent sword, so I’m not an expert, but it appears to be well crafted. It is fairly well balanced and has a nice taper. It came sharp enough to cut paper, but I haven’t tested it on anything like tatami yet. My only real issue with this sword is that the guard came a little loose after chopping up some fruit, but not dramatically so. overall, I would say this is a good sword

    6. Andy

      This sword is the best sword on the market for a budget sharp. Agile in the hand, strong in the cut and the thrust, and it just. Looks. Gorgeous. From what I’ve seen of the durability of the products made by this company, the thing will take a hell of a beating before giving out on you, too. All of that functionality at that insane price, and it comes with a scabbard and sword belt, too? That is a fantastic deal, and if you have the scratch for it, take it. What else can I say that hasn’t already been said?

      My one issue is that when handling the sword bare-handed, the disc pommel felt very uncomfortable after a while. With a pair of gloves, this problem is entirely eliminated. That said, if it’s your life or the comfort of your hands, the choice is easy.

    7. Oscar (verified owner)

      Nice and sharp out of the box. Somewhat tip heavy but not terrible. The reason why I’m giving it 4 stars is because the one I got came with the tip slightly bent. I had of reprofile the tip with a file.

    8. Mark B

      I haven’t yet been able to try any cutting with this sword, as I am currently awaiting a total hip replacement surgery. After I’m back in one piece and can move around a little better, I intend to get back into some test cutting and exercising with it. Overall, it’s a beautiful sword, unadorned but lithely shaped, and feels solid and dependable in comparison with other swords I’ve owned. There’s one issue that bothers me about it, and so far it hasn’t presented a usability problem, rather it being other than what was advertised. The website description says that the guard and pommel are both stainless steel, yet neither of them are magnetic. I know that surgical steel is non-magnetic and non-reactive, but this isn’t surgical steel either. I first noticed because of the temperature- it was very cold in the room where I kept the sword, and the blade was appropriately cold to the touch, yet the pommel was only slightly less warm than my skin. I found the same with the guard, so I stuck a magnet to the blade with the expected result, but watched it have zero attraction to the pommel and guard. I don’t know if it’s some lighter steel alloy, but it does make me worry that the guard might break during use.

    9. Ryan (verified owner)

      Really solid quality all around. I bought this around the middle of 2023 for a knighting ceremony during my wedding, and have plans to make a custom scabbard as a slight upgrade, and to inset synthetic ruby and emerald engraved with cameos of our family crest into the blank rounds of the pommel.
      I did have to gently file down the edges on the parts of the pommel and guard which face the handle. They didn’t feel sharp to the touch at first, but the pommel cut my palm open pretty good the first time I swung it around with real force, just due to the weight and speed of the sword. I wound up accidentally staining the handle with a bit of my blood, but you can only tell if you look quite close. It was a 5 minute fix, so no real complaint on my part.
      In regards to what Mark B said in his review: Stainless steel is non-magnetic. Neither the guard or pommel takes rust. Like all carbon steel, the blade needs to be well-oiled, and I have done so diligently, never really bothering to oil the pommel or guard, and have had 0 problems.

    10. D. Drake (verified owner)

      I’m very happy with it. It has a beautiful blade, and quite sharp and the scabbard is excellent as well.

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