This Late Medieval Sword by Ronin Katana has a sharp blade fashioned from 1075 high carbon steel; it is fitted through the hilt and peened over the pommel to create an overall robust hilt construction. The crossguard and pommel are stainless steel and the grip is cord over a wood core with a final fitted leather overwrap.

The sword is paired with a wooden scabbard which is bound in leather and fitted with a metal chape. Interwoven and knotted onto the scabbard is an all-leather sword belt.

This impressively proportioned longsword is modeled after the Harriet Dean sword and its sibling, the Bashford Dean sword. Both of these early Type XVIIIb 15th century swords were part of the famed Alexandria Arsenal collection and were well taken care of throughout the centuries because they were tribute or war prizes for the Mamelukes. Ronins recreation of this sword type does a good job of approaching the dimensions of the originals. Its overall length and blade length is quite close to the Bashford Dean sword in the Metropolitan Museum of NY and its weight is quite commensurate (Bashford Dean sword is 3 lbs 10 oz)