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Samurai Armor Set – The Akai Oni Samurai


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    The chosen elite samurai of Kai-Takeda wore armor in deep, dread-red hue – a sight that surely dampened the spirits of many a foe. This ominous armor in not only a fetching display, but it is fully wearable and ready for hard-knock training and full-contact sparring. The armor is composed of 19 gauge (.8mm) iron plates fitted together with quality black cotton lacing. For display it comes with a black lacquered wooden box and a display stand.

    The armor comprises of a helmet (Kabuto), torso armor with tassets (Do and Kusazuri), pauldrons (Sode), arm and hand armor (Kote and Tekko) thigh-guard (Haidate) and greaves (Suneate).

    The Kabuto helmet is in the Zunari Kabuto style with riveted construction strengthened by spot-welding. Its has tassets of iron and cotton cord and decorative brass plates. The helmet is suspension-lined with cotton and it has a thick cord to elaborately knot it to the chin. The mempo face mask has a moustache of goat hair; its nose and moustache is removable. The helmet features a prominently painted Oni demon maedate crest – it is removable if desired.

    The torso armor is riveted in a raised dome-rivet design that was popular in the Sengoku period; it has also been spot-welded for additional strength and to prevent any loosening of the rivets over time. The interior of the torso armor is lined with suede leather and its watagami shoulder straps are padded for comfort. The shoulder straps are moldable and can be bent to fit the natural curve of the wearers shoulder. The torso armor opens in a hinged clam-like manner and is tied on its other end. If needed the hinge pin can be removed to open the armor to accommodate a wider torso – it can then be tied as well to substitute for the hinge pin.

    The sode shoulder armor is of iron, cord and decorative brass plates – it is lined with fabric for comfort. The sleeves are of Japanese brocaded silk and lined on the interior with fabric. It is fitted with sewn iron plates and butted chainmail.

    The haidate thigh armor is of padded Japanese silk with a fabric backing. Its iron lamellar plates are connected with cotton cord. The suneate greaves are lined with leather and fabric and tied to the shins with cotton cord. A padded silk belt is included to finish the armor.

    The armor will fit a person who is 5 to 6 feet tall with a chest varying from 38 – 46. When displayed on the stand and box the armor is about 5 feet tall. Assembly instructions are included. Both the armor and its stand fit into its wooden box for simple storage. This armor comes with a pair of padded fabric bolsters that can be fitted into the armor sleeves to fill them out for a more appealing display.

    Full Suit Weighs Approximately 30 lbs
    Will fit a person who is 5” – 6” tall with a 38” – 46” chest
    Armor is about 5” tall when displayed on stand

    Country of OriginChina


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